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Urban Decay Game of Thrones 2019 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Urban Decay Cosmetics teamed up with Game of Thrones for a new makeup collection. The new Urban Decay For the Throne Spring 2019 makeup collection will arrive in April. The launch date hasn’t been announced yet.

U.S. Launch Date – April 2019 at


Urban Decay Game of Thrones 2019 Collection

As a Game of Thrones fan, better scratch that and start again. 🙂 As an addict of the Game of Thrones series myself, I know Season 8 will debut on 14 April. So I have a pretty good feeling we should expect Urban Decay For the Throne Collection on that day or maybe just a few days before, being launched exclusively online probably in the beginning. 🙂 What do you guys think?

This is one hot collaboration, that really excites me and I can only image how popular the collection will be. Can you imagine bringing together fans of both sides?! It will be booming I guess and I can’t wait to see the products. I’m definitely expecting some vivid shades in the eye palette or palettes. 🙂

The theme of ice and fire is the inspiration for the Urban Decay and Game of Thrones collaboration and I’ll just say that if you’ve watched the series then is something predictable.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Urban Decay For the Throne Collection and I do hope they are going to associate the products with the character or the shade names. Definitely, super curious about this Spring 2019 makeup collection. 🙂 How about you lovelies?

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