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Rouge Bunny Rouge Foundation Essence Skin Soul Drops Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Rouge Bunny Rouge Foundation Essence Skin Soul Drops is a new release of the brand and I’ve given you all the preliminary info along with the promo photos last month. It is available in a short variety of shade, unfortunately only three, which I know it can represent a downsize for many women looking for their perfect matching foundation shade. I would really recommend that you should still try it if you have the occasion as it can adapt to your skin color and it’s also suitable for all skin types. You know that as a combination skin type I had my doubts that a foundation made for dry skin could really work for someone like me who is concerned with shine and keeping oiliness away from the T-zone throughout the day…but here I was giving it a try.


Where to buy:

International – Now online @rougebunnyrouge.com RBR-CHICPROFILE20 code to receive 20% discount at RBR boutique, @zuneta.com, @beautyhabit.com

Rouge Bunny Rouge Lalla (063) Foundation Essence (€59.00 / $63.00 for 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz) is the ideal color for those with fair and light skin tones. I have to say that is a perfect match for me in terms of color. When I first swatched the color I was skeptical that it would match my skin color but when I applied it on my complexion it looks perfectly natural.

The packaging is really interested as it comes in a very small mattified glass bottle with a dropper applicator. At first I thought this is only a travel size sample but found out later that is the real full size packaging. It’s tiny indeed but has a concentrated formula so I usually need maximum 2 drops (depending on the coverage I want to achieve) to cover my entire complexion.

It gives a semi-matte finish with an adjustable coverage, but I personally prefer to keep it as natural as possible and apply a thin veil. I’m fortunate that I don’t have any skin issues so I can keep my foundation in a sheer or medium coverage but RBR Foundation Essence can be easily layered and build up to a more opaque coverage.

It applies easily and evenly, looks very natural on the skin and gives a fresh, healthy appearance. I like that it’s lightweight and comfortable and if I want to achieve a sheer coverage only one drop of RBR Foundation Essence is enough while for a more intense coverage you can use up to 5 drops.

Before using the Foundation Essence Skin Sould Drops you have to shake the bottle very well for a few seconds so the pigments will be evenly dispersed in order to achieve a prices, flawless result during the application.

I felt that it really moisturized my skin, I felt it hydrated, smooth and luminous while after setting it with a transparent loose powder I had impeccable wear for a couple of hours. Being a combination skin type I knew that I couldn’t keep shine away from my complexion for too long so after 4 hours wear I did noticed a bit of shiny (but not oily) T-zone. It was enough to use an oil-control paper and gently tap it on my T-zone to keep the shine away for a few more hours.

It does cover blemishes, spots and even pimples, hides dark circles and give such a refreshed look to your complexion without having a cakey appearance. It’s like a light veil of color.

I had about 10 hours wear with this foundation now during the cold season, but I’m pretty curious to try it during the summer as well when there will be crazy temperatures here and I’d bet this would be best suitable for me to wear it when the weather is not that hot.

Enjoy more photos…










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