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Review: Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Colour in Whisper – Photos + Swatches

by Tavia

Looking for a bright pink shade with satin effects? How about Whisper Lipfinity by Max Factor. This beautiful pastel pink shade it’s a lip colour in 2 steps.


Step 1: Paint your lips with the color base and keep your lips apart for a few seconds or until dry.

Step 2: Make your lips shine with the clear moisturizing topcoat.


Remove Lipfinity Lip Colour using an oil-based make-up remover. It has a formula that will last on your lips up to 12 hours.


Whisper 010 is a bright pastel pink color with pearl effects if you decide to apply only the color base. A very suitable shade for Spring 2010 and for those girls with a light skin color. This lip color it can be perfectly used for a natural makeup when you want to attract attention with your shiny lips.

First Step: The color base


Whisper – after applying the color base

The color is indeed beautiful, but the lines that it leaves behind make my lips to appear dry and broken. It’s impossible to leave them looking like this so the moisturizing top coat lip balm is really necessary here.

Second Step: Moisturizing Top Coat


Whisper – after applying the top coat lip balm

As you can see from the photos, the difference between the 2 phases is incredible. The lines that I was talking about were diminished after I’ve applied the top coat lip balm but I can’t say that I like the final look. My lips are shiny, they feel moisturized and hydrated but I don’t like how the color looks. After testing so many Lipfinity products I can say that lip lines are more noticeable on the brighter colors.

After 6 hours

Well I didn’t took any pictures to show you what is the result after 6 hours cause I didn’t had any lip color left. I decided to remove it after a couple of hours because after I eat the result was pretty dramatic, the color faded and the lines were very noticeable.

If you don’t mind re-applying the lip color you should have no problem using this product. I really hope that on other lips lines will not be so visible.

The product costs £10.99 and you can also buy it online here.

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