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Paul & Joe Papillon de Printemps Spring 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Paul & Joe presents its new Papillon de Printemps Spring 2016 Collection, one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen so far, with colors in delicate nuances of peach and pink. I’m really amazed to see that this time I’m loving all, and I really mean it, all the nail polishes as the are sweet shades of lilac and pink followed by a black nail polish, just dreamy for me.


Discover a spring paradise of color – where the painted wings of butterflies dance like fluttering flowers on the sweet and gentle breeze.


International Launch Date – beginning January 2016

Japan Launch Date – 1 January 2016

Paul & Joe Papillon de Printemps Spring 2016 Collection

Paul & Joe Face & Eye Color – Limited Edition

Flowers bloom and butterflies dance with this stylish spring palette designed to make you spread your wings and fly!

  • 100 Papillons de Printemps – brown & lime eyeshadows, pink blush
  • 101 Floral Nectar – brown & pink eyeshadows, peach-orange blush

Paul & Joe Lipstick CS – Limited Edition

  • 096 In Bloom – 031 Lipstick Case
  • 097 Sun-kissed – 032 Lipstick Case
  • 098 Flower to Flower – 033 Lipstick Case

Paul & Joe Nail Polish – Limited Edition

Pink papillons flit and flutter in an endless field of pink blossoms!

  • 011 Heliotrope
  • 012 Aflutter
  • 013 Buddleja
  • 014 Azalea Pink
  • 015 Metamorphose

Enjoy more photos…



Paul-and-Joe-Spring-2016-Papillons-de-Printemps-Collection-3 Paul-and-Joe-Spring-2016-Papillons-de-Printemps-Collection-4 Paul-and-Joe-Spring-2016-Papillons-de-Printemps-Collection-5 Paul-and-Joe-Spring-2016-Papillons-de-Printemps-Collection-6 Paul-and-Joe-Spring-2016-Papillons-de-Printemps-Collection-7

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