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Parisax Les Gourmandises – Review, Swatches & Photos

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Last week I gave you a preview of Parisax Les Gourmandises which I received from Parisax Romania earlier this month when they hosted a specially meeting for beauty bloggers. Since then I’ve been testing Les Gourmandises shades and I’ve also posted a Winter Smokey Grey makeup look (photos) and a Shiny Winter Makeup (photos) where I’ve used some of the lip colors from this set.


Now @parisax.ro

Parisax Les Gourmandises (75.00 Lei) is a makeup coffret available in limited edition featuring 6 creme eyeshadows (2 g each) and 6 creme lip colors (1.5 g each) which can also be used as creamy blushes. The packaging is super cute, a transparent plastic box tied with a pink ribbon which hosts the 12 creamy shades resembling with chocolate candies making all the coffret looking like a colorful box of candies. If you are a sucker for pretty packaging then this one might be very hard to resit not buying.

The creme eyeshadows come in 6 different shades of blue, greyish green, violet brown, champagne gold, bronzy brown and sheer violet pink. None of the shades has a name so it’s difficult for me to address each shade and talk about its texture, formula, pigmentation on long lasting qualities. I don’t like to refer to them as 1, 2 or 3 so I’m going to speak for all of them together.

The packaging might be very pretty and all but once I overcome that I noticed is not practical at all to use. Once I open each shade it’s kind of difficult to close them because you just have to rotate them in the right way. Another thing I’ve noticed right when I was swatching them and taking photos for my preview post is that they kind of start to melt and sweat (bead of water appear on the surface of each shade) and they have a very light almost watery texture. They are creme eyeshadows but they feel very light, not as thick and creamy as usual creme shades are. They look very pigmented in the packaging but they are extremely sheer once I’ve applied them on my eyelid, they don’t even have the same color pay off like when I swatched them on my arm. I tried to use them as a base and apply eyeshadow on top of them and that kind of makeup last very well but when I worn them alone they start creasing and leaving lines within minutes. They don’t react to well at room temperature so I’m wondering how my makeup will last during summer.

All the eyeshadows have a shiny metallic finish, they apply smooth and are all easy blendable but once applied on the eyelids they do look quite sheer.

The creme lip colors  also available in 6 shades can also be used as a creamy cheek color. None of these shades have names either and they all have a creamy smooth formula which feels very light on the lips. They have a glossy finish almost like a water shine effect and look semi-color coverage, just a little sheer but they manage to add color to the lips. Most of them are pink shades from baby pink to sheer fuchsia pink, but there is also a warm coral red and two other natural light browns with a bit of orange tone. All the shade apply smooth, they don’t sink into lip lines and they feel quite soft, creamy and non sticky.

All the lip colors last somewhere between 4 and 5 hours but the colors won’t fade completely uniform so I had to be careful to remove them from my lips so I don’t have that uneven lip color left on my lips.

What I don’t like about them is that you’ll definitely need to apply them with a brush which it’s more hygienic than applying them with your finger but they are not something that you want to take with you on your purse. I’m not the kind of girl who likes to apply lip color with a brush all the time, especially when I’m not at home and I want a quick retouch.


These 12 versatile colors come in an amazing girly girl packaging but they are not very easy to use. I would rather recommend this set for younger girls, teenagers or someone who is only starting in makeup and doesn’t request too much for a makeup product. The eyeshadows look quite sheer when they are applied on the lid and they crease rapidly when worn alone, but under a matte or shimmer eyeshadow they are OK as a base. The creme eyeshadows tend to melt kind of fast if they are kept open longer at room temperature. The lip colors can double as creamy blushes and the colors last for about 5 hours but if you don’t mind applying them with a brush or with your finger than it should be a pleasure to wear them.

Enjoy more photos…

Shades from left to right (#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6)

Bare (naked) Lips

Parisax Lip Color Swatch #1

Parisax Lip Color Swatch #2

Parisax Lip Color Swatch #3

Parisax Lip Color Swatch #4

Parisax Lip Color Swatch #5

Parisax Lip Color Swatch #6

I hope this review was fun and helpful for you girls. I’m waiting for your opinions in the comments bellow. 🙂

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Alina Roxana Sava March 27, 2013 - 11:20 pm

Actually it was very helpful, because I was contemplating on buying the cute box. It’s very cheap, like 10-11$ , but if the eyeshadows crease and the lip gloss doesn’t look like it should…well I changed my mind. Thanx !


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