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Max Factor Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color – Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Max Factor Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color is one of the new 16 shades released last month as part of Max Factor Spring 2014 Collection (photos, swatches). I got to swatch and try 10 out of 16 shades and #335 Just in Love was by far my favorite even though the star is represented by #006 Always Delicate (photos, swatches), a beautiful nude rosy color.



Now at Douglas, DM and local drugstores but also online @boots.com

Max Factor Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color (55 Lei/ £10.99) is a medium-deep raspberry red cool toned with tiny violet pink shimmer particles that are more noticeable in the tube rather than on the lips. Is rich, intense and pigmented and gives an opaque color coverage swatched on the hand but also when it’s applied on the lips.

It has a smooth thick creamy formula which dries down to a matte finish. Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color looks fully opaque in one swipe when is applied and thanks to the curved doe-footed applicator it gives you a precise and easy application. It’s applied evenly and glides easily across the lips but unfortunately it settles terribly into the lips lines making lips looks very dry.

If you prefer wearing this color in a matte finish the only problem you will have is that you will feel your lips very dry and as hours passes your lips will be very dehydrated and start to crack. I really advise to you move to step 2 and wear the lip balm that comes along with this lip color and apply every time you notice your lips become dry or the colors looks mattified. The lip balm is meant to bring add a glossy finish but also to hydrate your lips and make the color last longer.

Even though I like to wear Just in Love as a shiny color I don’t like the appearance of dry lips even after I used the balm. The color is super long-lasting as I had even 12 hours wear even after eating or drinking. You won’t have to worry about this lip color leaving your lips as I also kept it on my lips when I went to bed at it was still there in the morning.

As much as long lasting this color is I wouldn’t advise you to wear it for the entire day unless you have a special event or occasion because it dries your lips terribly. If you do insist on wearing this color for more than 4-6 hours make sure to reapply the lip balm (step 2) every hour and hydrate your lips prior applying the color.

Enjoy more photos…







Max Factor Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color Swatches


Max Factor Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color Lip Swatch (step 1 – without the balm)


Max Factor Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color Lip Swatch (step 2 – with the balm)


LEFT: Bare Lips – RIGHT: Max Factor Just in Love Lipfinity Lip Color Lip Swatch (step 2)

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. I would love to hear your impression about this shade or any of the new Lipfinnity Lip Colors that you have tried.

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Eli May 12, 2014 - 7:51 pm

Such long-lasting formulas start to “crack” on my lips after some time of wearing 🙁 Which is gross. But I think I’m not paying enought atention and using balms regularly and that’s the reason 😀

Tavia May 13, 2014 - 2:33 am

You are right, long-lasting formulas usually tend to dry out the lips so you have to make sure you exfoliate your lips before applying such a product and use a lip balm with 10-15 minutes prior applying the color. In this particular case I used the glossy lip top coat that came with the Lipfinity shade as ofter as I could but it still dried my lips in the end. I was happy that after 10 or 12 hours wear they looked only dry and not chapped. 🙂 I guess sometimes is the price we have to pay for having a long lasting color on our lips for the entire day. 🙂


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