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Jill Stuart Lady Mauve Fall 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Jill Stuart comes out next month with its second fall 2016 beauty collection, named Lady Mauve. Just a beauty to look at it indeed, I can seem to take my eyes off of the new mauve tones. Don’t forget also to check out this week release of Jill Stuart Dual my Face Fall 2016 Collection (info, photos).


Every passing day pushes the cityscape deeper into the colors of fall. During this season, in keeping with the mood of the city, don a mauve veil of autumn colors, a little more mature, a little more sexy than normal, smoky and rich hues combined with an essentially Jill Stuart innocent pink nuance. These chic yet warm and gorgeous makeup items will lead you to another elegant expression, so gentle and so refined. Wreathed in mauve colors that reflect the fall, complete your seasonal fashion.



International Launch Date – 2 September 2016

Japan Launch Date – September 2016

Jill Stuart Lady Mauve Fall 2016 Collection

Ribbon Couture Eyes

  • 14 Fur Beige – natural beige set, with a feeling of soft and quality fur
  • 15 Lady Velour Ribbon – pink brown set, with a bold accent like velour color
  • 16 Sweet Khaki Chiffon – khaki set, with a soft pink nuance like chiffon

Shimmer Couture Eyes

  • 08 Bordeaux Bijoux – sparkling mauve pink, based on bordeaux bijoux

Mix Blush Compact N

  • 16 Rose Box – a set based on a flower box containing a variety of rose colors

Lip Blossom

  • 21 Black Cherry – sweet and mature rose, like black cherry
  • 22 Forever Dianthus – red pink, like dianthus that will never fade

Rouge My Dress

  • 20 Promise Me – blood red, representing the love of a promised couple
  • 21 Warm Love – warm beige, filled with comfortable love

Nail Lacquer R – 10 ml

  • 54 Strawberry Milk – strawberry white, like milk with a drop of berries
  • 55 Cassis Rouge – rich bordeaux, like mature black currents
  • 56 Preserved Flower – beautiful red pink, like captured flower petals
  • 57 Mauve Greige – grayish pink, striking the perfect balance of the two
  • 58 Maroon Pink – pink beige, for natural and elegant fingertips

Enjoy more photos…

Jill-Stuart-Lady-Mauve-Fall-2016-Collection-2 Jill-Stuart-Lady-Mauve-Fall-2016-Collection-3 Jill-Stuart-Lady-Mauve-Fall-2016-Collection-4 Jill-Stuart-Lady-Mauve-Fall-2016-Collection-5 Jill-Stuart-Lady-Mauve-Fall-2016-Collection-6

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