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Jill Stuart Chiffon Ribbon Collection for Spring 2015

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!


Jill Stuart Chiffon Ribbon Collection is actually the third one which is going to be released this spring after Jill Stuart Ribbon Couture (info & photos) and a month earlier than Jill Stuart Base Makeup Spring 2015 (info & photos).

That sweet season during which girl’s hearts sour. Newly blossoming love, or love that has become an all-consuming tumult. May a wonderful spring bloom for all girls who are in love! Valentine’s this year is greeted by a makeup collection of soft and gentle colors like ribbons and charming chiffon. Candy-sweet pastel hues and a matte finish combine to make shy fingertips cute and smiling mouths full and sweet, wrapping up each girl in a bundle of pure happiness.

As though tied around an emotionally charged gift, evocative of a ribbon that links two loves together. The magic of a ribbon fluttering in the spring breeze will surely link you pure, overflowing feelings of love to that one special person upon whom your heart is so set.


Japan  Launch Date – 6 February 2015

UK Launch Date – February 2015

Jill Stuart Chiffon Ribbon Collection for Spring 2015

Matte Chiffon Nails – Limited Edition – 10  ml

As though tying a chiffon ribbon around your fingertips. Matte nails with pastel colors perfectly suited to springtime.

  • 01 Hot Heart – pure red evocative of passionate love
  • 02 Melty Milk – macaroon white evocative of a meltingly sweet love
  • 03 Berry Tear – pastel pink evocative of a sweet-and-sour love
  • 04 Mischievous Moment –  pastel coral evocative of a sweet love
  • 05 Marguerite Honey – pastel yellow evocative of a secret love
  • 06 Wavering Leaf – pastel leaf green evocative of a new and fresh color
  • 07 Scenic Mist – pastel mist blue evocative of a gently enveloping love

Matte Chiffon Lips – Limited Edition

Tying up a happy ending with a lovely ribbon. Lipstick that brings you perfectly sweet lips.

  • 01 Bursting Love – bright red evocative of a passionate love
  • 02 Sweet Memory – bright pink evocative of a sweet love
  • 03 Peach Kiss – peach orange evocative of a sweet-and-sour love
  • 04 Melty Plum – feminine deep red, like a red lilac

Mix Blush Compact N – Limited Edition

For cheeks blushed with the rush of love. Limited edition colors for the blush that leads you to happiness.

  • 105 Rose Candy – a camellia red set, like blooming roses on your cheeks
  • 106 Camellia Drop – a bright pink set, like blooming camellia flowers on your cheeks

Ribbon Couture Pouch – New & Limited Edition

A ribbon that ties to everything leads you to happiness. Limited edition pouch that offers both sweet charm and maturity.

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