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Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes Swatches

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Today I have for you Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes Swatches. As I posted yesterday in the Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Collection, the Instagram was on fire when the brand announced this launch. We were teased with a sneak peek, swatches and preliminary information. The good news is that we won’t have to wait too long for these as they are launching next month.


UK Launch Date – 1 November 2017 at CultBeauty

U.S. Launch Date – 2 November 2017 at Sephora.com

France Launch Date – 2 November 2017 at Sephora.fr

Global Launch Date – 2 November 2017

Huda Beauty Obsessions Palettes Swatches

She will be releasing four eyeshadow palettes in Electric, Warm Brown, Smokey and Mauves. Each palette will feature 9 eye shadows and will be retailing for $27.00. The price is something to be happy about but keep in mind that these are mini palettes, more like travel-size format.

All the palettes come with a mirror inside which is a useful thing when you are on the go. Smokey Obsessions Palette is Huda’s favorite and she showed us live swatches yesterday. The combination of textures in all of the palettes vary from matte to metallic, or even glitter. I personally can’t wait to see these live.

Customer’s favorite so far (based only on the photos) is Mauve Obsessions Palette and mine as well. Some Sephora stores already have them on the counters so check your local counter and see if you are among the lucky ones. I’m in love with all of them, but don’t mind me since I’m a Huda Beauty addict for months now.

The Electric Obsessions Palette looks so vibrant, the colors are pigmented and even though blue and green are the last shades I’d use, I’m quite intrigued by these ones. The finish is too pretty not to give it a try. 🙂

Definitely I consider that there’s a palette for everyone here, so you should find a favorite pretty easily. Being travel size gives them a plus as I don’t have to get my regular Huda Beauty palettes with me when I travel. For me the only question remains if all the shades are new or there are some repromotes.

The wait shouldn’t be that hard as these will be launching next week globally. Keep on eye on my Instagram (don’t forget about the International Giveaway) to see my upcoming Huda Beauty makeup haul. I will buy pretty much everything that’s coming out from the brand for the winter 2017 season.

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genevieve October 25, 2017 - 4:08 am

The Smokey Obsessions palette is the only one that appeals to me. The rest have shades that I wouldn’t use.
However, these are quite a handy size, not too bulky or cumbrsome to store. It will be interesting to see how they really swatch and wear.


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