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How to Write the Perfect About Me Page

by Tavia

Hello everyone!

Creating an About Me page is very important as it is one of the essential pages on your platform. By writing an About Me page you have the chance to tell your story and inform your audience on what they will find on your site and why they should trust your recommendations. Any content creator should have an “About Me” page as an integral part of their platform.

This goes out not only to bloggers, writers or YouTubers but also to any other content creators out there or businesses. Keep on reading to see my tips on how to write the perfect About Page!


How to Write the Perfect About Me Page


1.What Tense Will You Use?

Most content creators and bloggers in particular use the first person where they say “me” and “I”. This works perfect if you are the image of your brand or business and you are the only one who provides content and runs the show. However if your content is more educational, technical, scientific or even anonymous then you may want to go with the third person.

This can also be the case if several content creators post on the website or an entire team is behind your blog, platform or YouTube channel. You wouldn’t want to focus all the lights on you and not give credit to your team members who are also working on the platform. Goes without saying that businesses should go with the third person.

2.Who Are You Talking To?

Knowing who are you talking to and having customer insight is your superpower. You must know your target audience, understand your customer’s needs so you can be at your most persuasive and meet their expectations.

Think about your target audience, who will read your blog, who your customers are going to be and who are you addressing in your YouTube videos. Once you know what type of audience you want to attract put yourself in their shoes and talk to them from the hearth.

3.Don’t Share Only Facts!

Some content creators advise that we should stick to the facts but I don’t think facts alone can persuade. Especially since you are a blogger and you are writing from your point of view, marking every article with your personal experience. Some say readers don’t care about you and they care only about what they can learn. I totally disagree!

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In order to trust someone’s recommendations you need to connect on some level with the person who’s sharing the information. At least I know I will like to hear her story before I can trust her content, her recommendations and see if we have some things in common. Even if it’s is just a combo skin type, a sweet tooth or passion for books and travel.

Obviously they want to know more about your site, about your business and what they can learn by spending time on your platform. This doesn’t mean that you should make your website a wall. Try making it a window and share your story but without rambling on a 3000 word About Me page.

4.Post Your Photo

People want to know who you are. Even though you may have no other pictures of yourself on your website, make sure to add a professional photo to your about page. At the end of the day people buy from people and your clients want to see the person behind the business. This goes for bloggers as well even though your photos may be often found in many of your articles. Your new readers may go first to your About Me page before hurrying to scroll down through your posts.

Showing yourself allows you to connect with your audience much faster.

5.Share Your Professional Journey

Tell the story of your professional journey and help your visitors to understand how you know what you know. Share your professional journey and let readers know how you got to where you are today.

I created my About Me page long after I created my blog but I waited too long to tell my story. The good thing was that I had a lot to share and many of my readers connected with me on a personal level thanks to the information I shared. I should have posted my About page much sooner so make sure to not waste time. You can always updated later if your situation or life situation changed.

Some experts say to update your about page regularly but I’d say 1-2 times a year is enough to ensure you are up to date. Make sure to update your links, data and share any new info like your certifications or new accomplishments.

6.Be Specific

Tell people how you can help them by linking to your products and services. Especially if you have a small business, online shop, restaurant and so on, make sure to connect your readers to your services.

If you are content creator offering courses, online books, consultations or any other type of online products, make sure to be specific and add links so your readers could have easy access.

Demonstrate how you’ve helped others by providing the right solutions. Add links to your portfolio, projects or your client case studies. It must call potential clients to take action and reach out to you. Adding testimonials from your previous clients and stories about how you work will work as feedback for your new clients.

7.Include a Call to Action

Don’t forget to include a call to action (CTA) that tells your readers what more they can do. Maybe you are also active on other platforms that you want your readers to know about. Link to the social media channels where you are active and include even your YouTube channel if you have one.

Offer them an easy way to sign up to your e-mail list. There is not a right or wrong CTA on your about page so make sure to include some links.

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8.Be humble

You don’t have to brag about your accomplishments in an ostentatious manner. Your readers, visitors and potential clients need to know why you are an expert at what you are doing. Be humble when you are writing your About page where you want to share all your accomplishments and certifications but keep humility in mind.

9.Don’t Make it all About You

Think about how you want your reader to feel when she’s done reading your About Page. You want your page to be personal and share your journey but make sure your reader understands what you are doing for them. It should offer a little background about you by providing value to the reader.

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You must make it clear what your readers or clients should expect from your site. Don’t share too much about yourself unless it’s useful to the reader and relevant to your business.

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