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Guerlain Pink Tie Nail Enamel Review, Swatches, Before & After Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

How could a gorgeous new pink shade like Guerlain Pink Tie Nail Enamel could have missed from my collection? Well…it was impossible. 🙂 Guerlain has released for spring 2016 the new and permanent La Petite Robe Noire Lipstick and Nail Enamel Collection (swatches, photos) and I was super excited to try out their 4 star nail colors (swatches, info, photos).


Where to buy:

Romania – Now at Sephora, Douglas

UK – Now at House of Fraser

Europe – February at Sephora, Douglas

Guerlain  Pink Tie (002) Nail Enamel (115.00 Lei / €23.00 for 8.8 ml  / 0.29 fl oz) is a medium but bright bluish-pink with cool undertones and a glossy finish. This was the second nail color I’ve tested after Guerlain Black Perfecto Nail Enamel (review, swatches) which is an unique color, which will look gorgeous even on shorter nails.

I’ve already told you about the amazing scented formula which lasts on my fingertips for about 24 hours and surrounds me with a veil of Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire fragrance scent.

The color is bright, pigmented and opaque in only one coat, but I just layered 2 coat for a super rich pink color. It has an ultra glossy finish and only if you want to add a couple of days wear to this formula then you can apply your top coat, otherwise you can keep Guerlain Pink Tie in just two coats.

It applies effortlessly on the nails, glides easily and evenly without any bubbling, streaking or pulling around the edges of the nail. I had my doubts that the little and thick nail polish brush won’t perform too well, but it was an absolute pleasure to see it gliding so easily on my nails, picking up just the right amount of product for one application.

I just love wearing this color now in the spring…it’s so fun and playful and looks beautiful on medium and longer nails. Unfortunately my nails were very short when I wore this color for the first time but I still enjoyed it.

I didn’t apply any top coat so you can see the results after 5 days wear on the photos bellow. The formula lasted bravely, while I also did some cleaning around the house and I had only a minor chip on my little finger in the last day….other than that you can see the color didn’t fade, minor tip wear and a more mattified finish.

Enjoy more photos…




Guerlain Pink Tie Nail Enamel Swatch – 1 coat


Guerlain Pink Tie Nail Enamel Swatch – 2 coats


Guerlain Pink Tie Nail Enamel Swatch – 2 coats


Guerlain Pink Tie Nail Enamel Swatch – 5 days later (without top coat)


Guerlain Pink Tie Nail Enamel Swatch – 5 days later (without top coat)

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