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Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello babes!

Guerlain Fall 2016 Collection (preview, swatches) presents the new Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer along with a reformulated Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Foundation (review, swatches, photos). This is a 2-in-1 Multi-Perfecting Concealer meant to correct dark circles and imperfections while offering a perfect, natural-looking skin.


Where to buy:

U.S. / UK – Now at SAKS, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Debenhams, John Lewis, Selfridges, Douglas, Escentual, Harrods


Guerlain Multi-Perfecting Concealer (170.00 Lei /€34.00/ $40.00 for 12 ml / 0.4 fl oz) is available in six shades but the ones I got are No.02 Clair Rose / Light Cool and No.04 Moyen Rose / Medium Cool. I actually got to wear the second shade a lot more that I did the first one.

Probably because we are at the end of summer here and even though I didn’t go to the sea this year, I still got a light tan which makes me lean more towards a light medium shade. I will probably use No.02 Light Cool in a few months, when winter will be here.


Considering there are six shades available the amazing thing is that they are divided in three categories, Cool, Warm and Neutral and the shades perfectly adapt to your foundation.

It has an amazing well balanced formula, creamy and liquidy enough to make it easily and effortlessly spread on my skin, but strong enough that will offer the desired opacity. The formula contains moisturizing ingredients complex which reduces under-eye puffiness and provides the skin with moisture, so I never felt dryness throughout the wear.

The texture just melts into the skin, the color adapts beautifully with your foundation and skin color so from this point is a real winner to me. The formula feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin and blends easily. I like to dab the concealer on different areas then easily start the blending process, so I’m not in a hurry because the formula doesn’t dry up and I can work my magic.


It works like a charm covering dark circles and illuminating your complexion but you’ll just have to set it with a loose powder so it wouldn’t crawl into those fine lines or wrinkles. It looks so natural and luminous once applied, without leaving a sticky film or looking cakey and unnatural.

I also used it to cover a few pimples and breakouts and it totally does the job, and the best part is that is totally buildable in coverage. It corrects skin imperfections, covers dark spots and there were days when I just didn’t need the foundation anymore, as this one did all the job and kept my complexion looking natural and fresh.


It lasts in place the entire day if you set it with powder, doesn’t crumble and is extremely smudge-proof. It said to hydrated overly dry skin but my combination skin didn’t really noticed.

I find that is just an amazing multi purpose concealer, that takes into account different skin tones offering warm and cool shades. It has a buildable coverage so it will definitely concealer and blur out any skin problems. It’s a multi purpose product that it doesn’t do only dark spots and dark circles but works great on covering blemishes and pimples, reducing under-eye puffiness and keeping everything under a natural-looking veil.

Enjoy more photos…

guerlain-multi-perfecting-concealer-ingredients guerlain-multi-perfecting-concealer-review-3 guerlain-multi-perfecting-concealer-review-4 guerlain-multi-perfecting-concealer-review-5

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