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Guerlain Lunar New Year Spring 2020 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Guerlain Lunar New Year Spring 2020 Collection just launched so hurry to check out the products as everything is limited edition and will be selling out fast!

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U.S. Launch Date – Now at SAKS FIFTH AVENUE


Guerlain Lunar New Year Spring 2020 Collection

Guerlain Lunar New Year Rouge G Lipstick Case – Limited Edition – $22.00

From the Rouge G Collection. A limited edition, sparkling red, customizable lipstick case by Guerlain for Lunar New Year to accessorize your favorite Rouge G lipstick shade (sold separately).

The double mirror cases, designed by the Parisian jeweller Lorenz Bäumer, are adorned in trendy designs to transform your Rouge G lipstick into a work of art — a couture collectible.

The case and bullet are made of zamak, a material that is sustainably produced with minimal impact on the environment. Guerlain is committed to being the most sustainable luxury beauty house in the world. Rouge G de Guerlain lipstick furthers that mission.

Guerlain Lunar New Year Meteorites Illuminating Powder Pearls – Limited Edition – $64.00

A limited edition collectible of the illuminating powder made up of light-diffusing pearls that minimize flaws and brightens the skin for Lunar New Year.

A common base of correcting and illuminating colors—pink for a youthful glow, yellow to combat dullness and mauve to catch the light—evens out the complexion. Skin looks naturally radiant.

Diamond powder encapsulated in microspheres reflects light for a soft, flattering glow. These delicate and perfectly round pearls continue to be shaped by hand, with craftsmanship mastered by only four people in the world. Nestled in an ornate red and gold re-usable gold case.

Guerlain Lunar New Year Abeille Royale Youth Watery Anti-Aging Oil – Limited Edition – $135.00

A limited edition collectible of the anti-aging watery facial oil that combines the power of a serum, the richness of an oil, and the freshness of a toner to visibly smooth, plump, and revitalize the skin for the Lunar New Year.

Youth Watery Oil is draped in red in celebration of the Lunar New Year, but it still contains the same iconic formula, featuring Guerlain-exclusive ingredients: Ouessant Black Bee Honey and exclusive Royal Jelly. Bee products are some of the most effective natural healing substances.

Guerlain has extracted their active power to create Abeille Royale: an anti-aging skincare collection with Pure Royal Concentrate that stimulates the key mechanisms in the healing process within the skin to continuously help to repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness.

Fully aware of its social and environmental responsibilities, Guerlain integrated sustainable development into its company strategy back in 2007. Guerlain’s partnership with Brittany Black Bee Conservatory guarantees sustainable sourcing of bee products—some of the world’s most effective natural healing substances and key ingredients in the Abeille Royale collection.

Guerlain Lunar New Year Eau de Cologne Imperiale – Limited Edition – $105.00

A limited edition of the iconic fresh fragrance redesigned in red for Lunar New Year that brings together citrus notes of lemon and bergamot with petitgrain and neroli. Created in 1853 by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain, Eau de Cologne Impériale was specially composed for the Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III.

This created allowed Pierre to earn the title of “Perfumer to His Majesty.” The iconic bee bottle is redesigned in red, but still adorned with the iconic Guerlain bees on it. On its label, it bears the symbol of the Empire with the coat of arms chosen by Napoleon: the eagle, the imperial crown and the scepter. 3.3 oz.


  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Neroli
  • Petitgrain

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