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Guerlain Les Absolus D’Orient 2019 Perfume Collection – Luxury fragrance collection AVAILABLE NOW!

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

The luxurious perfume collection Guerlain Les Absolus D’Orient welcomes four new fragrances in 2019. Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s house perfumer, travels to the further corners of the world to discover the most precious raw materials to create Guerlain perfumes.

His purpose is to consolidate strong bonds with the local producers and to develop new perfumes that will meet the specific quality criteria of the brand.

U.S. / UK Launch Date – Now at SEPHORA, Saks, Harrods, John Lewis

Romania Launch Date – Now exclusively at SEPHORA Cotroceni, Baneasa, Magheru and Mall Vitan

Guerlain Les Absolus D’Orient 2019 Perfume Collection

From the Les Absolus d’Orient Collection.Born out of a quest to find the finest raw materials, the Absolus d’Orient collection transports the senses with unique oriental perfumes. Discover a fascinating land and uncover its most precious secrets through the mysterious notes of amber, wood and spices. Warm and enchanting, the fragrances capture the strength and beauty of the East.

Guerlain Encens Mythique EDP – New – $200 / £139.00 / 816 Lei for 125 ml

Encens Mythique is a musky and oriental fragrance that is both enveloping and endearing. An ethereal frankincense leaves only a fleeting mark on this fragrance, while rose imprints its fiery accents. The majestic ambergris from New Zealand provides exceptional depth and endless sweetness.

  • Top Notes: Rose Aldehydes, Safran
  • Heart Notes: Rose berries, Vetiver patchouli
  • Base Notes: Underwood, Ambergris incense

Guerlain Bois Mystérieux EDP – New – $200.00 / £139.00 / 816 Lei for 125 ml

Bois Mystérieux is a unique and audacious fragrance with a modern interpretation of the concept of exoticism. It’s like a deep night that only unveils its radiance through its intensity, adorned with touches of cedar, patchouli and myrrh.

  • Top Notes: Neroli, Laurel
  • Heart Notes: Atlas, Cedar Wood, Patchouli Safran, Jasmine
  • Base Notes: Leather, Myrrth

Guerlain Musc Noble EDP – New – $200.00 / £139.00 / 816 Lei for 125 ml

Inspired by Oriental lands, this creation by Guerlain’s perfumer, Thierry Wasser, shines a light on one of the most mysterious ingredients in Perfumery: musk.

The depth of musk blends with a magnificent rose and a vibrant cedar note. Powerful, warm and powdery in turn, musk beautifully enhances the fragrance in an intense accord full of character.

Musky woody floral. Bold, sensual, majestic. Unisex.

  • Top Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Saffron, Geranium
  • Heart Notes: Rose, Musk
  • Base Notes: Cistus, Cedarwood, White Amber

Guerlain Cuir Intense EDP – New – $200.00 / £139.00 / 816 Lei for 125 ml

Drawing inspiration from the noble material that is leather, Guerlain’s Cuir Intense eau de parfum is a timeless tribute from master perfumer Thierry Wasser to its strength, softness and sensuality. In its creation, powerful notes of wood and leather harmonise, giving way to the luminous osmanthus flower, shining a light upon its fruity apricot facets.


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