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Givenchy Rose Perfecto Spring 2019 New Shades

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Here we have some exciting news as Givenchy Rose Perfecto lip balm is coming up with new shades. There will be 8 new shades of the famous 3-in-1 balm from rosewood to coral and more.


U.S. Launch Date – February 2019 at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks, Macy’s

Givenchy Rose Perfecto Spring 2019 New Shades

For an elegant impression you can choose from dark plum with soft yellow undertones or red sparkle. If you want something cute then choose the bluish white pink while the orange red will give and active impression.

These Rose Perfector lip balms are ideal for everyday use and give you a sense of transparency with lively coloring.

Le Rouge Perfecto is the ideal 3-in-1 balm. Givenchy’s enhancing lip balm promises to give you lovely, glowing lips! Lips are instantly suppler, softer and fuller on application, with their natural color subtly heightened. It’s the perfect nude!

This balm naturally reacts with the Ph of your skin top and provides every woman with her ideal nude. An easy-to-wear beauty ally that gives your look the finishing touch encased in a gorgeous light pink genuine leather sheath making it the perfect beauty accessory. The formula contains shea Butter that slips into the fine lines of the lips to moisturize and nourish. Pepperslim & coolact create a slight puffiness and fresh sensation. Eosin, an ingredient that reacts with skin’s pH to bring a fresh and customized rosy shade.

I’m leaving with the selection of the new shades but I’d like to hear your thoughts over the new shades.

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