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Essence & The Lovely Little Things Fall 2017 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Essence & The Lovely Little Things Fall 2017 Collection launching next month in a limited edition features some pretty cool eyeshadow palettes in natural colors. It’s a shame that this collection is launching only in a few countries…. I’d really wished to see it on the counters as well.

Tell me something…! The new essence trend edition “& the lovely little things” tells enchanting stories about those special little moments that make us happy. All beauties can complete these stories and decide how they unfold.


International Launch Date – from mid August to mid September 2017 only in Slovenia, Kazachstan, Russia, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Lebanon, Oman and Tunisia.

Essence & The Lovely Little Things Fall 2017 Collection

Essence Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

Eyeshadow palettes with seven perfectly aligned colours and various effects each – for a multitude of eye make-up styles. The pretty artwork tells small stories from everyday life.

  • … & my BFF on the phone
  • … & the love story with my wardrobe
  • … & our secretdate at midnight

Face Palette – Limited Edition

With two highlighters, two blushes and two contouring colours, this palette is a true all-rounder for the face trends strobing, draping and contouring. Suitable for all skin types.

  • 01 … & my crazy family

Lip Balm – Limited Edition

The lipbalms with a rich texture and a subtle strawberry or mango scent ensure pampered lips.

  • 01 … & you smile
  • 02 …. & we kissed

Nail Polish – Limited Edition

Four pretty colours with different effects – satin-matt and high-shine – are sure to turn into true nail friends.

  • 01 … & my milky coffee
  • 02 … & my matt hat
  • 03 … & my satin puddle
  • 04 … & my flaky caty

Nail & Styling Stickers – Limited Edition

These sweet stickers turn the nails into eye-catchers in a flash. They can also be used to complete the stories on the eyesahdow and face palettes as well as the nail polishes.

  • 01 … & all the little things that matter

2 in 1 Nail File – Limited Edition

The 2-in-1 nail file shortens and forms the nails so they’re always in top shape – and the cute design is sure to put a smile on your face.

Enjoy more photos…

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