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Dior Coral Twist Diorblush Colour Gradation Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Here goes the review for Dior Coral Twist Diorblush Colour Gradation as I promised the other day on Instagram. I believe you’ve already seen what I purchased from Dior Spring 2017 Colour Gradation Collection (swatches, photos) and this was the last review pending.



U.S. Launch Date – January 2017

International Launch Date – February 2017

Dior Coral Twist (001) Diorblush Colour Gradation (6.5 g / 0.22 oz) comes as a gradation of colors between a medium peachy-pink with warm undertones and goes to a coral-orange with a subtle matte finish. It has a good color payoff, being quite pigmented in just one swipe.I like to apply this color with a light hand and just pick up a little amount of powder of my brush so I don’t go overboard with this bright coral and make it look way to pigmented on my light skin tone.

I preferring more the downward shade which has a bit of pink to it, instead of the bright coral from above. You can choose to mix the colors together if you want and swirl your brush into the them, but I definitely think it will look even better and will complement those with medium and darker skin tones.

For me personally this blush is a bit too pigmented so I prefer the sweetness of Dior Pink Shift Diorblush Colour Gradation (review, swatches). I can deny that a bit of coral, instantly adds freshness to your cheeks and a vivid look, mixed with the feeling of spring.

It has a very soft, smooth and silky texture and it adheres very well onto the skin. It’s easily blendable so if you are a light skin tone like me, you don’t need to pick up that much product. I like its soft matte finish as it doesn’t emphasizes my pores so my combination skin type is really happy. 🙂

This powder blush provides a silky, smooth finish and adds an instant flush of color to your cheeks.

I had around 7 hours wear before the color was starting to wore off.

Enjoy more photos…






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