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7 Tips to Organize Your Makeup Bags (Sponsored)

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Organizing makeup bags is a task that many people ignore. Life can get pretty busy, from juggling work, family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it is understandable that cleaning up your makeup clutter can sit on your to-do list for months.

So how can you make this task less of a challenge? Well, start by organizing the little things and make it a routine. Below, we have 7 tips to help you organize your makeup bag like a pro.

7 Tips to Organize Your Makeup Bags

  1. How many products do you have?

Look at everything in your makeup bag and sort through what you need and throw away what you don’t need. If you have multiple items that provide similar functions or are the same color, you can toss the extras out and save space. Keep the products that you use often so you can use them when you’re on the go and keep everything else at home.

  1. Protect your brushes and blenders

Avoid ratty brushes and blenders by protecting them. When your makeup bag is stuffed to the brim with several makeup products, they could get twisted and look out of shape. So store them in their own bag so that they will be protected and the bristles will remain straight. Remember to wash them frequently!

  1. Don’t pack heavy makeup

No need to carry about heavy products when you can buy a sample. Remove any heavy concealer, foundation, etc., from your bag and free up space. Even though these products are part of your makeup routine in the morning, you don’t need them for touch-ups. Instead, pack a concealer pen, and any other miniature or sample product you can find. For a quick touch-up, they serve the purpose well.

  1. One lipstick is fine when you’re on the go!

Just like you don’t need to pack too many face products in your makeup bag, you also don’t need to take more than one lipstick at once. Choose the color you’re wearing for the day because that’s all you’ll really need.

  1. Pack multi-use makeup products

A great way to reduce the products in your makeup bag is to choose only the items that you can use for more than one purpose. For example, an eyeliner with an eyebrow brush, a color palette for your eyes, an all-in-one contour set, and so on.

  1. Use clear bags to organize your makeup

If you carry a lot of makeup than the average woman, consider using a clear bag inside your makeup bag. This can help you organize your products and instead of sifting through so many items and risking a spill, you can organize all of your stuff into small clear bags.

  1. Keep your cleanup swabs handy

One thing that’s worse than messing up your mascara, lipstick, or eyeliner is not having the right product to clean up your mess. To make sure that you can tidy up after a spill or any situation that may arise and require cleaning, keep a few makeup swabs handy. A miniature bottle of makeup remover for a quick clean will do wonders for any makeup accident.

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