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Zoya Charisma Nail Lacquer Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’ve always been into funky nail polishes and I’m not afraid to wear a bright manicure so here it is, my review of Zoya Charisma nail lacquer, a shade that has been recently on my nails. This is the type of nail polish color that will instantly brighten up your day and will not let your manicure go unnoticed.



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Zoya Charisma Nail Lacquer ($9.00 / 42.00 Lei for 15 ml/ 0.5 fl oz) is officially described as an ultra bright neon fluorescent magenta/red-toned purple cream. I see it like a cool toned magenta purple which dries down to a matte finish. If it’s your preference you can wear it with top coat for a glossy finish. It has a very thin formula but it still keeps to deliver a bright color.

Zoya Charisma is intense, rich and pigmented but is doesn’t deliver a fully opaque color coverage in one coat because it’s so streaky. Fans of Zoya nail polishes will surely appreciate a thin and precise brush but I really don’t like this type of brush as it doesn’t pick up enough product and makes me dip it in the bottle several times just to fully cover the nail.

In this particular case the application was terrible, being so streaky and uneven looking. The brush was leaving lines behind and it was applying more product on one side of the nail while leaving the other side with blank spots. I had not bubbling or pooling along the edges of the nail during the application but the fact that this polish was looking so streaky in one coat it really drove me crazy. The second layer of Zoya Charisma nail polish made things a little bit better but I honestly believe it takes up to 3 layers to achieve an even looking finish. It’s a shame really the application is so difficult because the color is really gorgeous.

It dries down to a true matte finish and it’s fully dried in less than 3 minutes. I decided to apply a thin layer of Kinetics Matte One Night Top Coat on my left hand nails to even out the color, make it look less streaky and it really worked. On my right hand nails I didn’t applied a top coat so I could compare the results later on.

I had 3 days wear with this formula and as you can see in the photos bellow the results are not pretty. Zoya Charisma nail lacquer chipped considerably on both situations, with and without a top coat so I can’t really call this a long lasting Zoya nail polish. The polish is still true to its color, which is really a waste considering it doesn’t last on my nails for more than 2 days.

Enjoy more photos…





Zoya Charisma Nail Lacquer Swatch – one coat


Zoya Charisma Nail Lacquer Swatch – two coats


Zoya Charisma Nail Lacquer Swatch – two coats + one coat of Kinetics Matte One Night Top Coat


Zoya Charisma Nail Lacquer (two coats) + Kinetics Matte One Night – 3 days later


Zoya Charisma Nail Lacquer (two coats) – 3 days later

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