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Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Winter 2015 Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Wende Zomnir, one of Urban Decay‘s founders has announced on her Instagram page that the brand has collaborated with famous singer Gwen Stefani for the release of a new limited edition winter 2015 makeup collection. I’ve always admired Gwen crazy makeup, her hairstyle and outfits in everyone of her video-clips so knowing her I would expect to see some red and intense lip colors.



U.S. Launch Date – 22 November 2015 @urbandecay.com, Urban Decay stores, Sephora, Ulta, Macy’s

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Winter 2015 Collection

“When Urban Decay came to me to collaborate, I immediately thought it was a perfect match. The way they’ve built their company is very similar to my aesthetic and approach. It’s all about creative self-expression, being strong and not being afraid to go outside of the box. Everyone in my life knows I absolutely love makeup. From a very young age, it was an artistic passion of mine. I actually used to be a makeup artist. I love wearing makeup and having so many ways to express myself through it. It’s my war paint. To be able to do a collaboration with people who get that concept and who are just as passionate about it is a dream come true. We’ve made and created products that I actually wear every single day. It’s the real thing. I’m obsessed with everything we’ve done, and I can’t wait to share it.” — Gwen Stefani

“We’ve always been such huge fans of Gwen’s work over at UD. We’ve wanted to make this project happen for years, and finally it was the right time. We found a true partner in her, and it was amazing to channel her energy and creativity into these products. She truly represents the Urban Decay spirit.” — Wende Zomnir

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