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Sisley Phyto-Teint Expert Foundation for Fall 2014

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

Sisley reveals Phyto-Teint Expert, a new very long-lasting foundation which is a major breakthrough for the brand. Sisley wants to fulfill women’s request as they are looking for a foundation that evens the complexion, corrects imperfections while it gives a natural finish, beautiful radiance, staying power to make sure it will last all day without retouching and last but not least anti-ageing, moisturizing and protecting properties.


I’ve always been fond of foundations that offer a natural coverage and a glowing healthy fresh looking complexion all day long so the promise of Sisley that their new Phyto-Teint Expert foundation lasts up to 12 hours should definitely be taken into consideration.


International Launch Date – TBA

Sisley Phyto-Teint Expert Foundation


  1. A perfectly EVEN complexion. Because women may need a little help to achieve a flawless complexion, Sisley has selected different grades of powders to even the complexion while maintaining the skin’s natural beauty. These new generation powders are PHYTO-TEINT EXPERT’s secret to naturally unifying the complexion, subtly camoufl aging imperfections and recreating a more beautiful skin texture.
  2. A perfectly SMOOTH complexion. Because a perfect complexion is also a smooth complexion, PHYTOTEINT EXPERT incorporates a soft focus base composed of beautifying powders and an optical blurring gel. The diff erent particle sizes of the beautifying powders reflect the light at 180° and envelope the skin in a smoothing film that leaves a perfect finish. The blurring gel composed of hectorite (clay derivative with absorbent properties) improves the beautifying effect by forming a smooth even film on the skin with a matt powder finish. The complexion looks purer and imperfections are optically blurred as if «Photoshopped». The skin’s beauty is naturally enhanced.
  3. A perfectly NATURAL complexion. To ensure radiant skin, crystal mica acts as a profusion of little mirrors to provide maximum radiance and a very natural transparent finish. Ultra-pure pigments create shades that are as close as possible to the natural complexion with just the right amount of coverage and with no obvious product residue.


  • No.0 Porcelain
  • No.0+ Vanilla
  • No.1 Ivory
  • No.2 Soft Beige
  • No.2+ Sand
  • No.3 Natural
  • No.4 Honey
  • No.5 Golden

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