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Shiseido Zen Moon Essence Fragrance for Fall Winter 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Shiseido presents Zen Moon Essence, a new edition for fall winter 2014 of the classical Zen fragrance. Every year Shiseido reinvents and renews this scent as last year if you remember we had the Zen Gold Elixir EDP (info, photos).


“Scoop the water, the moon is in your hands. Toy with the flowers, and their fragrance scents your garments.” – Uryos, ZEN words, 8th century.


International Launch Date – September 2014

Romania Launch Date – September 2014 at Douglas, Sephora, Marionnaud

Shiseido Zen Moon Essence EDP – 50 ml – 324.00 Lei

Zen invites you to sense a new enlightenment. Experience the beauty of all that surrounds you. Without reaching for it with your hands, feel it with your heart. Blooms of moonlight. Beaming petals. Unfolding their gifts.

The Japanese moon is often described as having a unique golden light. It’s not a dazzling sparkle, and yet its power is magnetizing, drawing you in like a search for wonders among the shadows and silhouettes of night.

The glass bottle is a captivating world in itself. Delicate, pearly flowers seem to hold the soft light of the full moon for a moment, before releasing it far beyond the edges of the vibrant, golden glass vessel. This enlightened creation could only be achieved through the vision of the artist Marehide Susuki.

Enjoy more photos…


Shiseido-Zen-Moon-Essence-Packaging Shiseido-Zen-Moon-Essence-Parfum

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