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Shiseido Eye Momentum Fall 2017 Collection

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

For fall 2017 season we are invited to take a look at Shsieido Eye Momentum Collection created in collaboration with calligrapher Nicolas Ouchenir. The entire Shiseido Fall 2017 makeup collection draws its inspiration from the art of calligraphy and focuses on three points: precise application, smooth textures and deep colors. Take a closer look at the new Instroke Eyeliner Color range along with the Paperlight Eye Color.


U.S. Launch Date – Now at Macy’s

International Launch Date – July 2017 at Shiseido Counters

Japan Launch Date – 28 June 2017

Shiseido Eye Momentum Fall 2017 Collection

Shiseido Paperlight Cream Eye Color – New – $25.00

A cream eye color with a matte yet translucent finish for vibrant color with just one coat. This uniquely transparent, matte eyeshadow inspired by Japanese Washi paper delivers airy soft, rich color to lids in one coat. Comfortable texture in a crease-resistant formula. This unique cream eye color can be applied for a delicate, feather-light finish or layered for a bolder, more saturated pigment.

  • Hisui Green
  • Sango Coral
  • Shobu Purple
  • Usuzumi Beige Grey
  • Yamabuki
  • Nobara Pink
  • Namiki

Shiseido Instroke Eyeliner – New – $30.00

Inspired by the ink used in Japanese calligraphy, Sumi ink, this intense, highly pigmented, water-resistant gel eyeliner lets you draw your desired lines effortlessly in one stroke. Defines bold or delicate lines without creasing, blurring, skipping or smudging. Achieve a perfectly smooth line that doesn’t fade.

  • Empitsu Gray
  • Kon-ai Blue
  • Kuromitsu Brown
  • Nasubi Purple
  • Shikkoku Black
  • Shinrin Green

Shiseido Instroke Eyeliner Brush – New – $28.00

An angled eyeliner brush with the perfect shape, stiffness, length and thickness for the ideal line each time you apply. Made in Japan, the brush applies desired lines from delicate to bold with a simple stroke and features an angled handle for ease and stability. Ideal for beginner or advanced application, the unique brush allows for easy application, even along the smallest areas around the eyes.


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