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Sensitive skin needs special care…advices, tips and recommendations

by Tavia

Continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer-Clinique The fact that your skin “objects” to some cosmetic products doesn’t have to affect your beauty ritual.  I have an oily and sensitive skin type in the same time. Since i was a teenager i had to deal with lots of problems concerning my skin and although i had a cleaning routine every day and night, my skin still had some problems. It’s true that you must give special attention to sensitive skin, but you can’t say that having a sensitive skin means extra efforts. We must avoid some ingredients and open our eyes to others  like Aloe Vera and  salicylic acid. I want to share with you, some of the products that i use daily and their effects over my skin and also recommend you new ones specially for sensitive skin.

Lots of women with sensitive skin have tried multiple methods, treatments and products that promise to respect the skin sensitivity and…nothing. First step is definitely, going to a specialist doctor, which will specify the exact problems of your skin and tell you what type of ritual you should apply to your skin, because not all the “maneuvers” are bearable.

My experience thought me that i must follow three important steps and everything will be simple.

  1. First step – clean skin. Most times, sensitive skin is restricted from a deep cleansing, with abrasive products vichy-purete-thermale-calming-cleansing-solution or active components, so you need something special. You can choose from: washing your face with  delicate lotion, makeup removal with napkins, make-up removal pads  and  makeup remover lotion, with the condition that all this products are designed for sensitive skin. I confess that I’m not a fan of makeup removal lotions so i use Purete Thermal from Vichy calming cleansing solution for face and eyes or Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Both are very indicated for sensitive skin cleaning and I’m glad that i can use them on face, eyes and neck as a 2 in 1 product. They are alcohol, soap and fragrance free which makes them more suitable for our skin type. Vichy Purete Thermal contains rose extract rich in phytophenol (known for it’s soothing  properties), mineral salts and ogligo essentials. Bioderma Sensibio H2O contains active- calming ingredients that prevents and reduces the inflammation. Is very good tolerated even by the eye  skin area. I’m honestly telling you that I’m very pleased with this two products that you can find in any pharmacy.
  2. Boots Expert Sensitive gentle eye make-up removal pads Beautiful eyes. Skin around the eyes is very sensitive for everyone, even more in your case if you are a sensitive skin type like me.  When you remove your makeup you must be delicate, otherwise you can see immediately negative reactions. I recommend using make up removal pads specially designed for eye makeup removal. If you are already using a different type of sensitive makeup removal that is not recommended for eye area also, you can try Boots Expert Sensitive gentle eye make-up removal pads. It contains 60 pads and it’s easy to find in any pharmacy.
  3. ExpertSensHydratMoisturiser Equilibrium for you skin. Most of  sensitive skin problems are connected with inadequate  hydration. Plus, you must be very careful because of the acne, pimples and other problems. Search for a hypoalergenic product for day time and another for night, cause your skin needs protection 24 hours a day. My favorite cream for day is Continuous rescue antioxidant moisturizer from Clinique. It really protects your skin against factors like, stress, sun and pollution that bring visible damage to your skin every day. It helps skin maintains its healthy appearance and look free from visible effects of environmental aging.  You can use it  even PM if you like but in day time you must apply suncream before, because it doesn’t have SPF. clinique-superdefense Another cream that i used to use during the day,  but now i decided that I’m going to use it only as a night cream, is Clinique Superdefense. It’s  a triple action moisturizer with SPF 25. I used this cream for more than a year, but now my skin looks kind of oily if i use it during day time. I can say that I like to use Superdefense as a day cream during the winter because it protects my skin very well and even on extremely cold temperatures ( I’ve spent 3 months in Siberia last winter) my skin was smooth, non oily,  hydrated and with a healthy aspect. I will soon do a review about this two creams from Clinique because I’m really satisfied with the results.

Anti-aging-eyecream-La Prairie Another cream for sensitive skin will be Boots Expert Sensitive hydrating moisturiser 50ml which you can use as a day cream and as a night cream you can try  Boots Expert Sensitive regenerating treatment. Boots Expert Skin  anti-blemishing  are non oily and helps fighting the oily aspect of skin and eliminating the imperfections. Don’t forget about the eye area that is more sensitive than other face areas. I have tested many eye creams and after 7 months of using it I’ve decided to stick to Anti -Aging eye cream SPF 15 a cellular intervention  complex from La Prairie, which i hope to be my next review. I must confess that was a Christmas gift because of its price i doubt that I would taken the chance to test it. I usually like to use creams that have multiple actions like anti aging, hydration, moisturising, SPF and many others. But before this cream i was pleased with Clinique all about eyes soin et contour total regard. Diminishes the look of circles, shadows, puffs and lines. It’s allergy tested and 100% fragrance free so you can try it with confidence. I can also recommend you Expert sensitive hydrating eye cream from Boots expert skin.

After applying your cream for eyes and face you must wait 30 minutes while your skin enjoys the nutrition and after you can feel free to apply your makeup.

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