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Review: Max Factor Lipfinity Colour&Gloss in Shimmering Pink – Photos + Swatches

by Tavia

The say that the New Colour & Gloss by Max Factor is the next generation of lip colour and delivers the most high impact shine your lips will ever experience!


I say it’s a product in 2 steps:


First step is a rich colour base coat that fills your lips in rich color.

Second step is a multidimensional glossy top coat that creates a 3D highlight effect.


The colour that I’m going to review today it’s Shimmering Pink 500, a beautiful satin pink color. It’s needless to say that I’m in love with pink. As you can see from these swatches, the base it’s a pastel pink, not shimmery but it has its own glow. The glossy top coat it’s a very pale pink, more like a transparent shimmering one and I dare to say that it’s beautiful if you decided to apply it alone on your lips (without the base colour).

First Step: The colour base


First Step: applying the colour base

After I’ve applied the colour base, my lips were touched by the satin pink color, they look very vibrant and with a natural glow. In a matter of seconds the color was absorbed and became matte so in order to create that water shine effect you must definitely take the second step. I love the color don’t get me wrong but I didn’t like the lines that this colour base was leaving behind.

Second Step: Multidimensional Glossy top coat

Max-Factor-Lipfinity-Colour-Gloss-Shimmering-Pink-second-step Second Step: applying the glossy top coat

As you can see from the photo, after the top coat was applied the lines that I was talking before, disappeared. My lips looked fuller, shinier and indeed they had that 3D highlight effect. The glossy top coat had indeed a high impact on the color from the first step.

Let’s see if Shimmering Pink passed the test! While I was wearing it, I also had lunch and a couple of drinks so I was not really protecting the color. I didn’t even go to the bathroom for a quick retouch because I wanted to see it’s real long lasting effect.

So here it is:

Shimmering Pink 6 hours later


It’s unbelievable I know! Sorry for the photo quality but when I got home was already dark outside and even with all the lights on the photo came looking like this.

As you can see the color is still there! Of course not as shimmering like before and not so vibrant but hey, I’ve been eating  during the day and I’m amazed that my lips can look like this.The color was not even loosing its depth and after 6 hours I still had a decent amount of product. It’s not a product from the expensive side so you will probably agree with me when I say it’s definitely worth the money.

If I would made any retouches (which I didn’t) they will only consist in adding the glossy top coat because I like my lips to have that water effect.

The price of  Max Factor Shimmering Pink is £ 9 for 6 ml and you can buy it also from their website.

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