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Paul&Joe Framboise Mure, Le Marais, Petite Princess Lipsticks Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I will continue with the cuteness that is represents by Paul&Joe and review their new Fall 2017 lipsticks. Paul&Joe Framboise Mure, Le Marais and Petite Princess are just some of the new shades released for this season. I hope you didn’t miss my Paul&Joe Eye Color review earlier as those are some pretty Fall colors. Let’s get back to the new lip colors and I want to let you know there are plenty of shades to choose from and a variety of finishes. Don’t forget to take a look at the Limited Edition Lipstick Case (£7.00) which is available in three different designs.

These lipstick cases are so adorable and they represent a new and fun way to wear your lipstick. Both sturdy and stylish, the vibrant cases are seasonal and on trend creating the perfect handbag essential. Sometimes we need something different than the luxurious black or gold lipstick cases that we see out here. These are so bright and vibrant, not to mention that you can use it to host different P&J lipsticks.

Where to buy:

UK Launch Date – Now at Beauty Bay | September 2017 at Selfridges

Paul&Joe Framboise Mure, Le Marais, Petite Princess Lipsticks Review

Paul&Joe Petite Princess (203) Lipstick (£14.00 for 3.5 g / 0.12 oz) is curiously described officially as terracotta. This one is a light-medium, coral-peachy shade with a juicy shine. It’s one of those colors created for an everyday, natural look. It will instantly warm up your face and give you that beautiful long-lasting shine.

The color has a good color payoff with a medium coverage. It glides effortlessly across the lips in just one swipe delivering a nice wash of color. The formula is light, moisturizing and feels comfortable on the lips. The consistency is creamy and very light, more like a gel rather than a cream. It doesn’t emphasizes lip lines and it keeps lips moisturized throughout the wear. It ads a bit of shine to the lips, making them look more plump and fresh. I got around 4 hours wear with this formula.

LEFT: Bare Lips – RIGHT: Wearing Paul&Joe Petite Princess (203) Lipstick

Paul&Joe Le Marais (307) Lipstick (£14.00 for 3.5 g / 0.12 oz) is officially described as a purple toned brown. I see it a bit differently, more like a dark, brown-raspberry with a slightly purple undertone and a juicy finish. It has a good color payoff, looking rich and intense in just one coat. The coverage is opaque so you’ll get a bold lip look.

The formula feels smooth, moisturizing and comfortable to wear. The consistency is light and creamy and it glides unbelievably well across the lips. I can apply only one layer to get that intense color coverage. It covers the lips with an even color and doesn’t emphasizes lip lines. Its juicy, creamy finish makes lips appear fresh and healthy, giving more than a flat color. I got around 7 hours wear with this formula without feeling any dryness.

LEFT: Bare Lips – RIGHT: Wearing Paul&Joe Le Marais (307) Lipstick

Paul&Joe Framboise Mure (103) Lipstick (£14.00 for 3.5 g / 0.12 oz) is described as a deep burgundy red. I got so many requests from you guys for this shade in particular so here’s everything you need to know. Check out the lip swatches closely as you are in for a surprise. When I first saw this lipstick, I instantly thought it was way to dark for me…and this was before I swatch it. Once I did swatch it and even after I applied it on my lips I completely changed my mind.

Is a sheer, dark burgundy brown with an intense sheen. It’s suppose to be sheer to look more natural. A simple wash of color on your lips for an everyday look. What do you think? It instantly adds glossiness to the lips and makes them look fuller and fresh. I don’t even have to bother with a lip liner when I’m wearing this shade as it’s very forgiving on the lips.

The formula is light and but it does feel just a bit tacky on the lips. The consistency is leaning more towards a creamy-gel like, which glides evenly and easily across the skin. It reduces the appearance of lip lines, giving that beautiful shiny effect. Throughout the wear I felt my lips moisturized without any dryness sensation. The color took me around 3 hours wear but after I had something to eat it was completely gone.

LEFT: Bare Lips – RIGHT: Wearing Paul&Joe Framboise Mure (103) Lipstick


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