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Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

There are only a few items featured in the new Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection. I can keep my shopping cart pretty light with this launch as the lipsticks are repromoted in a special limited edition packaging and I already own most of them.

So, I’m putting on my list only one of the new Eyeshadow Quads even though I have to admit they are pretty damn expensive. Paying $65.00 for an eyeshadow quad, even though it’s Pat McGrath quality will definitely limit a lot a my future holiday 2019 purchases.

U.S. / UK & International – Now at SEPHORA | soon at Pat McGrath


Pat McGrath Holiday 2019 Makeup Collection

Iconic Illumination Blitz Astral Eyeshadow Quad, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Astral Gold Allure Glittering platinum gold
  • Blitz Bordeaux Sparkling deep burgundy
  • Blitz Brown Rich chocolate brown
  • Bronze Gold 003 Glistening golden bronze

Nocturnal Nirvana Blitz Astral Eyeshadow Quad, $65.00 (Limited Edition)

  • Incandescent Gold 003 Glittering gold sparkle
  • Blitz Aquamarine Glistening blue green
  • VR Emerald Sparkling emerald duo chrome
  • Blitz Purple Vivid purple sheen

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MatteTrance Lipstick, $40.00 (Special Packaging)

  • Omi Mid-tone rose (Matte)
  • Guinevere Blooded crimson (Matte) (Review, Swatches)
  • Flesh 3 Brown rose (Matte)
  • Christy Divine beige nude (Matte) (Review, Swatches)
  • Deep Orchid Plum berry (Matte)
  • 1995 Warm light nude (Matte)

MatteTrance Lipstick Duo – Limited Edition – $65.00

  • Nocturnal Nirvana Elson + Flesh 5
  • Ritualistic Rose Beautiful Stranger + Femme Bot
  • Iconic Illumination Vendetta + Fever Dream

Ritualistic Rose Blitz Astral Quad – Limited Edition – $65.00

  • Antique Gold 002 Glistening antique gold
  • Astral Rose Orchid Glittering rose gold
  • Beyond Bronze 003 Sparkling deepened bronze
  • Rose Quartz 005 Metallic plum gold

Lip Fetish Noir – New – $40.00

The iconic Lip Fetish Balm unleashes luminous hydration in two new noir-tinted hues presented in luxe Limited Edition matte black bullets. The ultimate secret weapon for lethally luscious lips now shines in an opulently opalescent Noir & a glittering Astral Blue Star. Decadent luminosity meets lush hydration in a legendary formulation infused with soothing emollients, antioxidants & vitamins that impart dewy divinity in a single swipe.

  • Noir Opalescent ebony
  • Astral Blue Star Glittering iridescent


ChromaLuxe Hi-Light Cream – $35.00

This gel-cream highlighter shines with radiant glittering effects for the eyes and face, available in sparkling gold and brilliant blue iridescence. Pearlescent pigments create multidimensional shine with a smooth texture that’s exceptionally adhesive and applies effortlessly with the finger or a brush. This glittering full coverage cream stays in place for lasting wear and high-impact diamond sparkle intensity.

  • Pale Gold 002 Sparkling gold
  • Astral Blue Star Brilliant blue iridescence


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