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Parisax Summer 2013 New Lipstick Shades – Preview, Photos & Lip Swatches

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

As you already know from my previous post Parisax released a New Summer 2013 Makeup Collection (info & promo photos) featuring bright new 2013 summery nail lacquers (preview & photos), 12 new lip glosses (upcoming preview & swatches) and 6 new lipsticks. I know most of you are interested in the new Parisax lipstick shades so last week I decided to pay a visit to Parisax Professional and see the new colors in person. I must tell you they all look lovely and ready for summer even though some of them are more pigmented and opaque on the lips while others are more natural, provide a softer color and they feel so soft on the lips.

I’ve taken photos and played with every new shade and I even tried each shade on my lips so I can show you photos with lip swatches and you can form your own opinion about these new lipstick colors. I’ve also brought home with me 3 of my favorite shades so I will post my individual reviews later on this week.



Romania Launch Date – now @parisax.com, @completebeauty.ro

International Launch Date – now @parisax.fr

Check out photos of the lip swatches right after the break.

Lipstick – New Shades – € 10.70/ 57.00 Lei

Moisturizing and long-wearing lipstick, with delicate shades of color for a natural or sophisticated rendering, for everyone’s taste. The new lipsticks are packed in a refined silver case.

  • #14 Goyave
  • #15 Prune
  • #16 Groseille
  • #17 Fraise des Bois (Framboise)
  • #18 Lilas
  • #19 Pivoine


I swatched the lipsticks in the same order as the photo below.


Goyave Lipstick is a neutral light peach with golden shimmer that provides a sheer natural coverage on the lips. It’s a beautiful color to be worn this season and all summer long if you are looking for a fresh natural look. It feels soft of the lips but it tends to settle a bit into the lip lines. I own the Goyave lipstick shade because I’m always in the mood for something natural with just a hint of color during summer days. I will post my review in a few days.


Goyave Lipstick – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: lip swatch of Goyave Lipstick

Prune Lipstick is a medium purple wine red with gold shimmer that looks more towards a reddish purple once I swatch it on my hand but on my lips is appears as a reddish brown with gold specks. It feels soft on the lips and it has a good color payoff but is not completely opaque.


Prune Lipstick  – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: lip swatch of Prune Lipstick

Groseille Lipstick is vibrant orange red with an excellent color payoff which looks opaque on the lips. It’s a very pigmented shade that will complement any skintone and add a pop of color.


Groseille Lipstick – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: lip swatch of Groseille Lipstick

Fraise des Bois Lipstick looks like a dark rosy peach once it’s swatched on the hand but it turns to a medium natural rose. It’s a natural color  more suitable for fair to medium skin tones that want a neutral rosy pink shade on their lips.


Frais des Bois Lipstick – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: lip swatch of Frais des Bois Lipstick

Lilas Lipstick is a medium lilac with brown undertones once it’s swatched on the hand but on my lips turns into a medium lilac rose. It is opaque on the lips and feels creamy and soft. This was one of my favorite shades and I will review it later this week.


Lilas Lipstick – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: lip swatch of Lilas Lipstick

Pivoine Lipstick is my favorite shade from all of them and it’s such a bright raspberry color with a hint of shine and opaque on the lips. This is probably the first color I’ll be reviewing in a couple of days.


Pivoine Lipstick – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: lip swatch of Pivoine Lipstick

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this review and find it helpful in case you decide to purchase any of these lipstick shades. I would love to know which one are your favorite shades or if you tried Parisax lipsticks before.

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gio May 21, 2013 - 9:01 am

I had never heard of this brand before, but I love these shades. They are all beautiful!

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kim featherstone September 26, 2015 - 8:08 am

Where can we buy in california usa?

Tavia September 26, 2015 - 2:45 pm

I don’t think Parisax is available in the U.S.


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