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OXY Seaweed Power Skincare Line – Preview & Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Quite a few months ago I received the entire OXY Seaweed Power Skincare Line which features five products. OXY is a new brand for me, I never had the chance of trying one of their products but I’m always happy to discover new brands and products. I didn’t told you about the Oxy package I received a couple of months ago because I was very very busy testing other skincare products I received so I didn’t want to post a preview without having the chance to test the products at least for a couple of days.

The new revitalized Oxy range is ideal for all skin types, female and male, including sensitive skin – it’s alcohol free and has been deramatologically tested. Oxy Natural Skin Science Range of anti-spot, skin-cleansing products contains naturally active seaweed, purified in the cold waters of the Atlantic and harvested from sustainable sources. Seaweed is full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and rich in antioxidant properties.This skin-friendly seaweed concentrate is at the heart of OXY’s unique formulations. It has been rigorously researched and is scientifically proven to kill spot-causing bacteria, redness and excess oil production, whilst being gentle on skin.


Now in super drug stores and online @oxy.co.uk

Check out my first impression about these products right after the jump.

Oxy Seaweed Power Fresh Skin Wash (£5.99 for 150 ml) has a powerful and clinically-proven anti-spot action, when used twice daily and in combination with Oxy Seaweed Power Deep Calm Balm.

  • proven to reduce the number of spots within 48 hours
  • reduces spot-causing bacteria
  • dissolves oil
  • reduces redness
  • suitable for sensitive skin

This was the first Oxy product I tried and I’ve been using it two times a day for about a week now and it really get along great with my combination and sensitive skin type. It cleans my face very well and exfoliates in the same time due to the tiny small exfoliating particles included. It has a fresh scent and it didn’t irritated my skin. Be careful to use only a small amount of product if you know you have a very sensitive skin. I feel it’s a great product for oily or combination skin types and even for the ones prone to acne because it dissolves oil and reduces the spots. I will share more details in my upcoming review.

Oxy Seaweed Power Clear Pore Exfoliant (£5.99 for 50 ml) cleanses deep into the pores and removes dead skin, one of the causes of spot formation. The exfoliant should be massaged into the skin following a rinse 2/3 times a week.

  • proven to reduce the number of spots within 48 hours
  • reduces spot-causing bacteria
  • cleans pores deeply
  • suitable for sensitive skin

Just a sneak peek for this product I would have to say that its formula is very very watery for a face exfoliant because when I removed the cap (without pushing the tube) a lot of product pored into my hand. You would have to be very careful not to waste to much product, because for my face I needed only a very small amount. It cleanses very well but for those with sensitive skin like mine it shouldn’t be used to often because it’s quite abrasive. I good with using it maximum 2 times per week as I feel the Fresh Skin Wash is doing quite a nice job and helps me remove dead skin since it contains small exfoliating particles which exfoliates my complexion in a gentle way.

Oxy Seaweed Power Deep Calm Balm (£5.99 for 50 ml) reduce spot-causing bacteria, redness and help unblock pores.

  • proven to reduce the number of spots within 48 hours
  • reduces spot-causing bacteria
  • oil-free moisturiser
  • dissolves oil
  • calms redness
  • suitable for sensitive skin

I didn’t really trust this product at first because at my age I like to use something that has SPF and anti-aging properties but now I’m really liking this balm. It doesn’t leave any oiliness, it has a nice soft formula which is rapidly absorbed into the skin and leaves a soft matte finish. I was very happy to see that even after a few hours my skin wasn’t shiny or looking any oily. This is definitely suitable for oily to combination skin types.

Oxy Emergency Spot Treatment Gel (£6.99 for 10 ml) can reduce the size and redness of spots in just 4 hours and has been shown to reduce the number of spots within 48 hours. It’s easy to carry and use and can be applied at the first sign of a spot, directly on the spot for maximum 6 times per day.

  • reduces spot size and redness within 4 hours
  • proven to reduce number of spots within 48 hours
  • convenient and easy to carry and use
  • applied directly to the spot problem

I’ve used this product only two times because I don’t get spots or zips a lot and I noticed a slight reduction in size after a couple of hours. What I don’t like is the strong scent it leaves behind.

I hope this preview was helpful and I would love to know if you are familiar with OXY products and if not if you are willing to give them a try.

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Icaria November 21, 2012 - 7:19 pm

My daughter uses a spot treatment from this brand. I’m surprised that they went the “seaweed” route since it’s an ingredient that can be problematic for many.

Tavia November 21, 2012 - 11:41 pm

Indeed this line requests a lot of careful reading before using the products. I have a sensitive skin and I must carefully use the products but I’ve seen results. 🙂


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