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Model In a Bottle Sensitive Skin Formula – Review & Photos

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Since I’ve taken makeup seriously, many many years ago, a makeup setting spray was a must for me. I tested quite a few products but I was always curious to try Model In a Bottle. I read so many amazing reviews about their original formula and I was even more curious to test it after they released Model In a Bottle Sensitive Skin Formula which I thought then and I’m convinced now that it works perfectly on my skin. Before testing this product which I received from Beauty Stop Online (provides the best professional beauty products in the industry at some of the lowest prices available) I was using the famous MAC Fix + so now I’m able to compare the two of them and tell you the differences. The normal price of Model In a Bottle Original or Sensitive Formula is somewhere between $18 – 21 but Beauty Stop Online has this amazing price of $14.99 for the Sensitive formula and $15.00 for the original one.

Model In A Bottle Skin Sensitive is designed for women with dry, sensitive skin or with rosecea and allergies, and is specially formulated with hydro essential oils of lavender and aloe vera. With this innovative product you can now lock in that perfect make-up look, for long-lasting, touch-up free results. This on-of-a kind, innovative setting spray dries with a unique matte finish, and provides a protective barrier that resists smudging, tears, humidity and water, without clogging your pores.


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Model In a Bottle Sensitive Skin Formula ($14.99 for 60 ml/ 2 fl oz) is a make up setting spray with a matte finish that I apply after I finished doing my makeup. Because it has a sensitive formula and it’s fragrance free is great for my very sensitive skin type but if you are not in my situation you can definitely choose the original formula. It makes my makeup stay in place for the entire day and it gives my skin a matte finish and a smoother appearance. Except from having a sensitive skin I also “benefit” from a combination complexion and Model In a Bottle helps keep oils from my face from ruining my makeup and doesn’t clog my pores.

I test it during the summer and even now when it’s very cold outside and it’s really an amazing product but I noticed it works even better if you are living in a hot or humid climate because it prevents your makeup from melting or sliding down. I used this product when I went to weddings and I needed my makeup to resist all day and it really did a great job as I didn’t feel the need to retouch my makeup. It’s a great product to be used on brides because it protects makeup from smudging, tears, humidity and even water.

Application tips

I close my eyes and just spritz it 3-4 times on my face holding the bottle at least 15 -20 cm/ 6-10 inches away from my face and it seals my entire makeup very well. It has a fast drying formula and never gets sticky. I heard the Original formula it has an overpowering scent so you have a problem with that you can definitely try this Sensitive formula. A little goes a long way and the description says the product should last up to 300 spritz.

Enjoy more photos…

I hope this review was helpful for you ladies and I would love to read your comments about this product.

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