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Orly Lemonade Nail Polish – Review, Swatches, Long-Lasting Test

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Today I want to show you Orly Lemonade Nail Polish, a color that’s been on my nails for the past few days. This shade is part of the Orly Sweet Collection (swatches & photos) released in the spring of 2010. Back then I reviewed three of the nail colors from that collection but because I’m not a yellow polish fan I said pass to this shade.



Now at Sally Beauty, Ulta, Keiko Beauty Salons (Bucharest) and nail salons or online @transdesign.com, @nailsave.com

Orly Lemonade Nail Polish ($5.00/ 45.00 for 18 ml/ 0.6 fl oz) is a pastel yellow cream with warm undertones. This is a true sweet yellow without any green or orange undertones, a real cool lemonade. It has a fairly thick consistency which will give you a hard time during the application. I usually like to apply two nail polish coats at most but for Orly Lemonade I had to apply a third layer.

The color is not at all opaque after the first coat and as you can see from the photo bellow it looks terrible streaky and uneven. The second coat of Lemonade managed to even out the color considerably better but not quite to the perfection as I could see some brush lines and spots across the nail. The polish pooled along the edges of the nail, was terrible streaky but I didn’t noticed any bubbling until the second day.

To even out the color completely and give a full opacity I had to layer a third coat and after that I decided to apply Orly 3-in-1 Top Coat on my left hand nails for an extra glossy finish and to be able to compare the results a few days later. As a base coat I used Orly Rubberized Lacquer Gripping Base Coat. The top coat is definitely a smart choice as it gives a super glossy finish and warms up the color, erasing any brush strokes or streakiness.

I had 5 days wear with this formula before removing Orly Lemonade nail polish. On the nails where I’ve used top coat the color is still vibrant, opaque and has a glossy finish but the polish started chipping. On my right hand nails where I’ve applied 3 coats of Lemonade but no top coat the polish looks more mattified, the color is not uneven and smooth looking while you can see the visible chipping on the tip of the nail.

Enjoy more photos…


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish Swatch – One Coat


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish Swatch – Two Coats


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish Swatch – Three Coats


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish Swatch – Three Coats + Top Coat


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish Swatch – 5 Days Later (with top coat)


Orly Lemonade Nail Polish Swatch – 5 Days Later (without top coat)

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gio February 9, 2014 - 10:44 pm

The colour is so pretty, but I wish it didn’t require so many coats!


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