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OPI Spring Summer 2017 Fiji Collection

by Tavia

Hello pretties!

With spring almost around the corner I want to give you a closer look at the upcoming OPI Spring Summer 2017 Fiji Collection that we’ve talked about for the first time back in September. Only looking at these promo images makes my mind wanna travel to this exotic place with blue lagoons, palm trees, crystal clear blue waters and sandy beaches. While looking closer at the 12 new nail colors that will be joining the line, I’m picturing myself laying on a sunbed close to the water choosing my favorite nail color for a stunning and vibrant manicure, while I’m sipping from a fruity cocktail. 🙂 The collection will feature the same shades for Inifinite Shine and GelColor. And if Fiji is not among your favorite travel destinations, maybe the sunny California will inspire you, so I invite you to take a first look at OPI Summer 2017 California Dreaming Collection (info, photos).



International Launch Date – 1 February 2017

OPI Fiji Spring Summer 2017 Collection

  • Two-timing the Zones – vibrant pink (Cream)
  • Living On the Bula-vard! – punchy red (Cream)
  • Gettig Nadi On My Honeymoon – hibiscus pink (Cream)
  • Polly Want a Lacquer? – lavender (Cream)
  • Do You Sea What I Sea? – shimmering ocean blue (Shimmer)
  • Is That a Spear In Your Pocket? – tropical teal (Cream)
  • I Can Never Hut Up – iridescent gray (Pearl)
  • Super Trop-I-Cal-I-Fiji-istic – reflection of sea and sky (Cream)
  • Suzi Without a Paddle – cool blue (Cream)
  • Coconuts Over – subtle taupe (Cream)
  • No Tan Lines – warm sunrise orange (Cream)
  • Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet – radiant yellow (Cream)

OPI Fiji Mini Nail Lacquers – 4 x 3.75 ml / .125 fl oz

  • Two Timing The Zones
  • Living On the Bula-vard!
  • Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon
  • Is That A Spear In Your Pocket?

Enjoy more photos…

opi-spring-summer-2017-fiji-collection opi-spring-summer-2017-fiji-collection-1 opi-spring-summer-2017-fiji-collection-2 opi-spring-summer-2017-fiji-collection-3 opi-spring-summer-2017-fiji-collection-4 opi-spring-summer-2017-fiji-collection-5

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