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Nephria Jade Serum – Review, Photos, Swatches

by Tavia

Hi everyone!

A few months ago I’ve received a package from Nephria Cosmetics and I had the pleasure to test two of their products. First I’m gonna review Nephria Jade Serum so in this post I will point exactly the pros and cons but if you wanna find out more about this product you can read my preview post.

I’ve already told you about the benefits of using this serum, special ingredients and how to use it in my preview post. I’m waiting you after the jump for more information and photos.

Nephria Jade Serum – 40 ml (1.35 fl oz) – $76.50

The packaging

This serums comes in a transparent green bottle with a pump. Even though in the photos it looks like the bottle has a green shade you can still see how much amount of product is left inside. The pump is also a plus, making everything very easy and hygienic if you think about the application. You don’t get to dip your fingers inside a jar (not the most hygienic variant)  picking up too much product but you just need to gently press the pump and you will get the right amount of product.

What they say

The Nephria Jade Serums contains highly concentrated ingredients including Nephrite Jade, the Serum is absorbed quickly and more deeply into the skin for a more intensive effect.

This serum has more concentrated active ingredients and its texture is adapted for better penetration, to give faster and more visible results. Its high concentration of skin-benefiting ingredients deeply penetrate the skin, producing dramatic and long-lasting results. The Nephria Serum is a multi vitamin for the skin, providing nourishment and enhancing and boosting its vitality.

Apply a couple of drops of serum to the fingertips and massage it gently into the cleansed skin in the morning and at night. Use the Serum in conjunction with a night time moisturiser, applying the Nephria Serum first, then the moisturiser, always onto clean, toned skin.

Oily Skin Type – Recommendation

I have oily skin for me half a pump is enough. Usually face serums and lotions are recommended for oily skin types because they are faster absorbed by the skin. Unfortunately for me this serum didn’t work so great in the oil control section.

I’ve tested this product for 2 months (day and night) and my face remains shiny and although it looks healthy and hydrated at first in  about 1 hour it becomes very very shiny. It works better as a night serum because it can regenerate and hydrate my skin while I’m sleeping and I’m not concerned about the oiliness but during the day I’m definitely going to replace it with something else.

I’ve also tried to apply it and after prep my skin with a matifying primer and apply a foundation on top. The primer was helpless because the oil from my skin was starting to be noticeable within an 1 hour and my entire face was shiny.

Dry to Normal Skin Type – Recommendation

This serum will definitely work better for those who have dry to normal skin type. I had it tried for a couple of persons and they felt great. They didn’t experimented any oiliness. If you have a normal skin type use simply use the Jade Serum on you clean face right after you’ve applied your tonic lotion. If you you have a dry skin type you can even apply your normal moisturizer on top on the Jade Serum for a plus of hydration. You will surely need more product (1 or 1 and 1/5 pump) to massage it onto your skin.


These are only my opinions as I’ve tested the Jade Serum on my oily skin type and I’m sure girls with different skin types might notice different results. There are also climatic factors to be considered since I’ve noticed some products work better during the cold season while others are perfect to be used during spring-summer months.

Enjoy photos…

Jade Serum swatch

Jade Serum swatch – blended on my hand

Jade Serum Ingredients

Jade Serum – back of the bottle

What I like about Nehpria Jade Serum

  • it’s a very moisturizing product
  • it feels light on the skin, has a creamy light texture
  • smells wonderful
  • I need just a half of pump to cover my complexion – a little goes a long way
  • gives an instant feeling of hydration, smoothness and softness
  • it can be used around your eye area, reduces puffiness. I don’t have dark circles so I don’t know if it changes anything.
  • boost cola gen and reduce the signs of aging
  • fine lines are diminished and skin looks healthier
  • my skin looks better in the morning, has a nice healthy glow
  • firms and lifts the skin if it’s used regularly

What I don’t like about Nehpria Jade Serum

  • it makes my skin shiny during the day if I apply the Serum in the morning
  • is not absorbed fast by the skin and that’s why I have to remove oil excess
  • I can’t used it on hot weather (summer days – no way)
  • I can’t use it as a moisturizer before starting to prep my skin and applying foundation. My face will be very shiny (matifying primer, loose powder won’t absorb all the oil).
  • doesn’t have SPF
  • the price can be considered a little bit high

I hope this review was helpful for you if you do consider of using Nehpria products in the future. If you did used them already I would love to know about your experience. 🙂

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Alexandra November 22, 2010 - 10:52 am

Ah, from the looks of it, it is not quite appropriate for my skin, as it’s oily as well… Do tell us if it makes you break out (that is, if you ever do). I’d really like to try it out, but I’m scared of the breakouts! Thanx!, a lovely review!

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Lady Di December 1, 2010 - 5:07 pm

I currently use a serum by Boots no7 called Protect and perfect intense beauty serum and it is wonderful! Its sold at Target stores here. I don’t think this brand is sold here, but at that price, I kinda dont mind that!lol


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