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Nehpria Jade Beauty Bar – Review & Photos

by Tavia

Hi everyone!

The second product I’ve been sent by Nephria to try out is the Jade Beauty Bar. My first impression was, that it’s a simple soap but I couldn’t be more wrong. I invite you to check out my preview post about this product before you read this review, because there I’ve posted more about its benefits and ingredients.

The same as Nephria Jade Serum, I’ve been using the Jade Beauty Bar regularly (morning and evening) for almost 2 months and now I can share my thoughts about this product. I like to take my time when I review cosmetic products because my skin needs to get used to the new ingredients and it also takes a couple of weeks to notice its effects on the fine wrinkles, skin firmness and so on.

The Jade Beauty Bar comes packed into a green box and it’s available for the price of $34.00 @Nehpria website. I know the price might seem expensive but as I mentioned this is not just a simple soap, it’s a facial soap with multiple benefits, key ingredients and can replenish more than one beauty product.

Find out more right after the jump.What they say – (more on my preview post)

The Nephria Jade Beauty Bar is the world’s most luxurious, exquisite and extravagant Beauty Bar, made from Nephrite Jade.

The Jade Beauty Bar has the ability to remove toxins and if it’s used daily you will notice:

  • revival of the skin colour
  • improvement in the skin’s moisture and lipid balance
  • calming debilitating skin problems such as inflammation and acne

Important facts. What you should know before using Nephria Jade Beauty Bar!

As I mentioned before this product has multiple benefits because in my opinion it combines a few cosmetic products into one simple facial soap, so you must know what to expect before starting to use it.

  • Nehpria Jade Beauty Bar gives you a deep cleansing, removing dust or impurities from your complexion and revives your skin color.
  • It works also as an exfoliator/ scrubbing product so be sure you won’t use other similar products while using this one because you risk damaging your skin, stressing it by multiple scrubbing processes. Jade Beauty Bar should be used twice a day (morning & evening) so your skin will benefit from a soft exfoliation.
  • You can test your skin quality while using Nephria Jade Beauty Bar. Because it has the ability to remove toxins from your skin (if used daily) some persons can experience breakouts in the first few days. This means the skin is repelling the bacteria (your skin quality and texture is not in good condition) and is becoming smoother, softer and cleansed. I haven’t experienced any breakout so I’m happy that my skin passed the test as I know I’m more obsessed with skincare products than with makeup, clothes or perfumes. 🙂 If you didn’t pass this test then you should obviously give more attention to the products you use and to your daily skincare routine.
  • Jade Beauty Bar will cleanse and tone your skin the same time and pretty soon you will notice visible results.
  • It can be used and it’s recommended to be used by those with acne problems.

I’m gonna say again (for those of you who didn’t read my previous skincare reviews) that I have an oily skin type and my biggest problem is how to control my sebum and not have a shiny face through the day. I’m currently using some  oil absorbing skincare products but I haven’t use them since I’ve started testing the Jade Beauty Bar. I use the Beauty Bar twice a day and I can instantly feel how my face is deeply cleansed. It removes all the impurities right and gives me a nice healthy looking skin. My face has a matte finish and it really keeps my oiliness under control. I know it’s recommended to be used together with the Jade Serum (review) but that one was too rich for my skin type so I choose to use it only during the night.

If your skin is dry or normal using Jade Serum with Jade Beauty Bar can be a great combination with multiple benefits for your complexion.

Jade Beauty Bar – packaging

Nephria Jade Beauty Bar

Jade Beauty Bar – ingredients

What I like about Jade Beauty Bar

  • Is a detox treatment for my skin – removes toxins, revives skin color
  • Tests your skin quality. (see Important Facts)
  • Gives my skin a healthy matte finish
  • Keeps my oiliness under control
  • Cleanse and tones my skin in the same time.
  • Seems to last forever – 2 months of using it and it has almost the same size. I bet it will last me more than 6 months.
  • I do love the price, because is a product with multiple benefits. For me is not just product, is 3 in 1 (cleansing product, tonic, scrub/exfoliator).

What I don’t like about Jade Beauty Bar

  • Is not available in my country 🙁

I hope this review was helpful for you girls in case you decide to buy this product. If any of you already used the Jade Beauty Bar I would love to know about their experience. 🙂

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Alexandra November 22, 2010 - 10:46 am

That is a highly priced soap :O! 😛 But as it has mostly natural ingredients, I guess it’s worth buying… Great review! And I can almost smell it from here 🙂


FashionGeorge November 22, 2010 - 4:13 pm

Definetly expensive, yes. But should be defintely worth it. 🙂 I mean, only natural ingredients can’t be wrong! Best idea!

Tavia November 24, 2010 - 2:00 pm

Hi Alexandra! It’s more than just a soap, that’s why is so highly priced. 🙂

Sherri November 25, 2010 - 4:53 pm

I’m still looking for something for my oily skin, maybe I’ll give this a try one day 🙂

rhania escueta December 1, 2010 - 4:12 am

$34 for a bar of soap.. woah.. pricey eh

Lady Di December 1, 2010 - 5:14 pm

Besides the price…I don’t usually like bar soap so I don’t think this is something I would be interested in. I like squeezing soap out of a bottle and on to a loofah!


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