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Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara for Fall 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Max Factor will launch in a few weeks the new Masterpiece Transform Mascara which was used for the first time earlier this year by Path McGrath, Global Creative Design Director at the Victoria Beckham SS14 show when was also presented the new Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Color (info, swatches, photos). At that show Path used new Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara on the roots only, to give extra definition to the lash line.


Victoria wanted the girls to stay looking very natural, almost as themselves but to enhance their beauty with simple touches of make-up. This included important details such as adding extra luminosity to the skin and subtly lifting the lashes – it’s all about natural glamour that’s so modern and relevant to today.” – Pat McGrath


International Launch Date – August 2014

Romania Launch Date – August 2014 at Douglas, DM drugstores, Auchan

Max Factor Masterpiece Transform Mascara – New & Permanent


  • Black
  • Black/ Brown

Max Factor knows that women seek a dramatic lash look so the new mascara revolutionizes the mascara application process as the slender brush maximises contact of the mascara formula with the lash, saturating the lashes with an instant “hit” of volume on the very first stroke. In addition, the narrow wand captures and volumises each and every lash, right from the root to the tip, giving an effortlessly striking look from the very first stroke.

Contrary to what many women may still believe, a big brush doesn’t mean bigger and better lash transformation and Max Factor wants to prove that with its new thin brush with short bristles that allows the lashes to get maximum contact with the mascara formula.

The slender brush is able to instantly capture and volumise every lash by coating and combing them through for an immediate WOW effect. This creates an instant dramatic transformation while the smaller brush ensures you can load your lashes from the root to the tip, and corner to corner.

It has a non-waterproof formula that resist smudging and flaking all day and it’s very easy to remove as Max Factor says it will come off with warm water.

This surely promises to be an interesting new product and I will definitely give it a try when it will hit counters in my country. Over the years I’ve tested and used more than 10 types of Max Factor mascaras and I can’t wait to see how this one will perform.

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