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Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow for Fall 2014

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Make Up For Ever is totally renewing its iconic range of eye shadows for the next season and comes out with a new Artist Shadow Collection featuring 210 shades with new formula.


The new shades will be replacing the old ones in the permanent collection and they will be categorized under 5 finishes:  matte, satiny, metallic, iridescent and diamond. Considering the large number of shades I won’t be able to name every single one of them but I will post of few names and hopefully in the upcoming days I will give you more info and post step-by-step makeup tutorials using the new products.

These fine-textured eye shadows glide on smoothly, feel divinely sensorial on the skin and are fine and supple enough to be endlessly blended, enabling a wealth of nuances with one single shade. Easy application, impeccable hold, instant and precise color effect – this new-generation range of eye shadows developed by Dany extends the boundaries of creativity. Each color has been custom-crafted in a delicate alchemy to get the optimal result, a highly skilled undertaking that lasted three years and now enables both stage-makeup professionals and ordinary women – from the most natural-looking to the most flamboyant – to go all out with color.


International Launch Date – July 2014

Romania Launch Date – mid July 2014 at Make Up For Ever Boutique (Bucuresti – Calea 13 Septembrie) | September 2014 at Sephora

China Launch Date – 1 September 2014

Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow Fall 2014 Collection

The new pearly formulas eyeshadows which are satin, metallic, iridescent and diamond feature two technical innovations: Water-Blend Technology and pigment atomization:

  • Pigment atomization: brings purity, evenness and extremely intense color
  • Water-Blend Technology: powders, pigments and new 3D gel polymers are mixed with water to create a formula that is heavily loaded with pigments (up to 71.5%). Water is then extracted through evaporation, giving a supple and slightly creamy texture with extremely vivid colors that can be endlessly blended.
  • Other key ingredients of the formula: mother-of-pearl, to add intensity and shine to the color, plus metal oxides and black pigments for all the metallic effects (metal finish)

MUFE Artist Shadows with matte formula contain no pearlized particles whatsoever and provide an outstandingly even result.

  • Pigment micronization ensures color is pure and even
  • Heavy pigment load – up to 88% in the matte black shade – guarantees hold and color intensity
  • Nylon powder makes the formula ultra soft so it’s easy to apply and to layer.
  • Zinc oxide and talc ensure optimal hold that stays fast.

MUFE Artist Shadow – New & Permanent

  • #D104 Black (Diamond)
  • #D118 Platinum (Diamond)
  • #D236 Blue (Diamond)
  • #D320 Golden Khaki、(Diamond)
  • #D416 Crystallin Yellow (Diamond)
  • #D562 Taupe Platinum (Diamond)
  • #D640 Golden Snake (Diamond)
  • #D716 Crystallin Papaya (Diamond)
  • #D926 Blueberry (Diamond)
  • #I550 Olive Gray (Iridescent)
  • #I902 Quartz (Iridescent)
  • #S402 Yellow (Satin)
  • #M322 Khaki (Matte)
  • #M806 Antique Pink (Matte)
  • #ME108 Steel (Metallic)
  • #ME512 Golden Beige (Metallic)
  • #ME554 Gunmetal (Metallic)
  • #ME734

Enjoy more photos…


Make-Up-For-Ever-Fall-2014-Artist-Shadow Make-Up-For-Ever-Fall-2014-Artist-Shadow-1 Make-Up-For-Ever-Fall-2014-Artist-Shadow-2

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