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Make Up Factory Riviera Flair Spring 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Discover the new Make Up Factory Riviera Flair spring 2016 Collection which features rosy and purple shades of matte and satin textures. A makeup look like the one the model is wearing the promo image is just something that I would definitely like to try out this spring. As soon as this collection hits counters, I’m going to check it out. How about you?


Dive into the southern European Dolce Vita lifestyle of the 50’s. Silk scarves, big sunglasses and a perfect make up were the favorites of fashionistas picturesque Riviera back then. This spring radiant pink, exciting purple, fresh orange and subtle rose revive the feminine and stylish Italian look once more.


International Launch Date – February 2016 at Douglas, Muller

Romania Launch Date – February 2016

Make Up Factory Riviera Flair Spring 2016 Collection

Shimmer Pearls – New – €19.95

The 3in1 highlighting powder pearls with a delicate pearly shimmer give a radiant, fresh look. The pastel shades act correct color as part of this: Apricot conjures up a gentle, even complexion, lilac gently reflects light for a youthful glow and mint-green conceals fine irregularities and slight redness. The soft, velvety texture makes for an extra pleasant application. Perfume and paraben free. Skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

  • No.10 Pearly Kiss – mint, apricot, lilac

Eye Lift Corrector – New – €9.95

The Eye Lift Corrector consists of a creamy eye shadow foundation and a slightly yellowish tint. This evens out the skin colour around the eyes for a smoother look. The concealer lightens the skin and covers redness and exposed small capillaries. Light reflecting pigments give skin a fresher and smoother appearance. The Eye Lift Corrector also increases the wear time of eye shadow. Free of perfumes. The dermatological tolerability was confirmed.

Matt Blusher – New – €13.95

The satiny soft texture of the Mat Blusher gives you a natural, fresh complexion. Since it contains no glitter and glimmer particles, it is perfect for natural contouring and modelling of the facial features. Thanks to the professional quality, it can be applied individually from delicate to intense.

  • No.10 Sheer Rose

Eyeshadow – New Shades – €13.95

  • No.32 Fashion Orange (Silky)
  • No.56 Just Purple (Matte)
  • No.58 Fuchsia Pink (Matte)

Diamond Stripes – New – €19.95

The glamorous shimmer of the powder eyeshadow makes it easy to create a breath-taking eye makeup. Use the five perfectly harmonised colour nuances either separately or in countless combinations. The silky texture makes it especially easy to apply the eyeshadow and shade your eyelids in brilliant colour. Fragrance and paraben-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.

  • No.40 Metallic Rose

Liquid Eye Liner – New – €14.95

  • No.06 Midnight Blues

Full Intense Mascara – New – €14.95

  • No.1 Black

Defining Lip Liner – New – €13.95

  • No.53 Antique Pink

Color Intuition Lip Balm – New – €13.95

  • No.1 Rosy Shades

Magnetic Lips Semi Mat & Long Lasting – New Shades – €14.95

  • No.140 Soft Pink
  • No.176 Brilliant Magenta

Nail Color – New – €7.95

  • No.149 Rosy Nude
  • No.395 Purple Summer

Enjoy more photos…

Make-Up-Factory-Riviera-Flair-Spring-2016-Collection-1 Make-Up-Factory-Riviera-Flair-Spring-2016-Collection-2 Make-Up-Factory-Riviera-Flair-Spring-2016-Collection-3 Make-Up-Factory-Riviera-Flair-Spring-2016-Collection-4 Make-Up-Factory-Riviera-Flair-Spring-2016-Collection-5 Make-Up-Factory-Riviera-Flair-Spring-2016-Collection-6 Make-Up-Factory-Riviera-Flair-Spring-2016-Collection-7

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