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Essence Wake Up, Spring! 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello lovelies!

Essence Wake Up, Spring! Collection is quite a delight to look at. The new Essence spring 2016 beauty collection features not only new products and shades, but offers quite an interesting, modern and more stylish packaging for its new items. This Essence trend edition has it all, from makeup and nail products to hair accessories and makeup tools. Take a look and see for yourselves.


Goodbye winter, hello spring! Feel the first rays of the warm sun on your face and enjoy spending time outdoors again. From now on, scarves and hats can remain hidden in the closet as essence welcomes the spring season with the new trend edition “wake up, spring!”. The pastel color scheme includes apricot, pink, lilac and mint, and the product design convinces with spring-like floral elements. The ultimate spring pieces include a blush with an integrated mirror, a small blush brush with “wake up” lettering on the handle and the tie & dye nail polish sets with a base and two soft jelly shades each for gorgeous color gradients on the nails. Finally spring… with essence!


Beginning March until April 2016 @kosmetik4less.de (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovenia, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, South Africa, UK, Italy, Spain, Myanmar, Chile, Costa Rica, Malta, Sri Lanka)

Essence Wake Up, Spring! 2016 Collection

Eyeshadow Palette – New & Limited Edition – €3.49

Light up! In addition to four shimmering pink tones, the eyeshadow palette offers a white-silver that is ideal for use as a highlighter. The soft texture lasts an entire spring day and comes with a cool embossment across the entire palette.

  • 01 Spring it up!

Eyeliner Pen – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

Pastel lining. Go for pastel eyeliner this spring. The fine felt-tip applicator with a longlasting texture and high coverage allows you to create sophisticated eyeliner styles in cool purple, trendy white and
fresh mint.

  • 01 Happy first day of spring
  • 02 Let’s the spring begin
  • 03 Spring a-ling a-ling

Jumbo Highlighter Pen – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

Bright eyes! The matt nude highlighter in a jumbo wooden pencil shape has a soft texture that blends easily. It can be applied on the inner corners of the eye, below the brow or as an inner-rim eye pencil and makes the eyes look bigger.

  • 01 My sweet spring melody

Sheer Lip Balm – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

Soft shade! The sheer lipbalm unites pampering care with a touch of colour to ensure supple lips and provide a shiny finish in light pink.

  • 01 My sweet spring melody

Lipstick Pen – New & Limited Edition – €2.29

Seasonal colours. The lipstick in red and fuchsia offers trendy colour results. The creamy texture leaves behind a shiny finish for a wow-look on your lips in the springtime.

  • 01 Hello sunshine!
  • 02 Bye-bye winter!

Blush – New & Limited Edition – €3.29

Bloomy blush. The blush in fresh apricot and floral pink gives the complexion a fresh glow. The blush can be folded up to reveal an integrated mirror so that you can touch up your style when you’re on the go.

  • 01 Hello sunshine!
  • 02 Bye-bye winter!

Blush Brush – New & Limited Edition – €2.79

Awakened. Blush is easy to apply and blend with this narrow brush made of synthetic bristles. Decorated with a cute “wake up” spring greeting, the practical brush is sure to fit into any cosmetics bag.

  • 01 Hello sunshine!

Tie & Dye Nail Polish Set – New & Limited Edition – €3.99

Colour flash! These nail polish sets are ideal for conjuring-up exciting multi-colour effects like gradients on the nails. Each set contains a high-coverage polish as a base and two jelly shades, which can be used to create cool ombré styles with the jumbo nail designer.

  • 01 Spring it up!
  • 02 Spring a-ling a-ling

Jumbo Nail Designer – New & Limited Edition – €2.49

Design talent. This duo nail tool helps to create the most extraordinary nail art. Dots, lines, gorgeous colour gradients and unique airbrush designs are easy to achieve with the small and large dotters.

  • 01 Hello sunshine!

Top Coat – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

Spring seed! This top coat contains various sizes of pastel flakes and flower elements to give every manicure an extra-special, floral touch.

  • 01 Call it spring!

Nail Stickers – New & Limited Edition – €1.29

Spring messengers. Colourful blossoms and beautiful butterflies create a spring-like nail design. The self-adhesive stickers are simply placed on the nail to ensure an unique look.

  • 01 Blossoms

Hair Slides – New & Limited Edition – €1.49

Blossoms galore! The two little hair slides in bright colours with matching fabric blossoms keep unruly strands of hair in place and are cute eye-catchers.

  • 01 Flowers in the air

Bag Accessory – New & Limited Edition – €1.99

Tag it. The cute pendant with a fabric blossom in light rosé and a mint essence band turns any handbag into an it-piece.

  • 01 Call it spring!

Enjoy more photos…

Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-1 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-2 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-3 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-4 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-5 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-6 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-7 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-8 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-9 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-10 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-11 Essence-Wake-Up-Spring-2016-Collection-12

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