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Make Up Factory Nude Evolution Summer 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Make Up Factory presents its latest summer 2016 collection named Nude Evolution. I’m leaning on bright and vibrant colors for the summer but it seems that Make Up Factory is doing just the opposite this year and comes up with natural shades of peach, pink and brown. A nude makeup is what I’m actually wearing on a daily basis so the Nude Evolution Summer 2016 Collection is definitely something I’m interested in, only that I’m quite surprised to see this kind of trend for the summer.


With the Nude Evolution collection, Make up Factory puts a new twist on the ‘nude’ trend. The three colour palettes ‘Nude meets Pink’, ‘Nude meets Apricot’ and ‘Nude meets Brown’ guarantee that everyone can find their very own natural look. Pink, apricot and brown shades bring natural emphasis to eyes, lips and complexion.


International Launch Date – May 2016 at Muller perfumeries

Make Up Factory Nude Evolution Summer 2016 Collection

Rosy Shine Blusher – New & Limited Edition – €18.95

The three colour nuances of the Rosy Shine Blusher work together perfectly to create a radiant complexion. The classy gold shimmer creates a soft glow on your cheeks. The silky soft texture guarantees even coverage and a subtle definition of the facial contours. The blush contains the mica mineral sericite, which will make your skin feel velvety soft. The blush surface shows a delightful floral design. It will be an absolute pleasure to have it in your makeup bag. Free of perfume, mineral oil, and paraben.

  • No.05 Nude Shades

Eye Colors – €17.95

Four color coordinated eye shadow powders with applicator inside a classy box. The high-quality cast eye shadow has a pleasantly delicate silky texture. The four color nuances allow you to create eye shadow in your personal style from discreet to extravagant using various color combination.

  • No.11 Nude Meets Brown
  • No.85 Nude Meets Pink
  • No.92 Nude Meets Apricot

Sensitive Eyeshadow Base – €9.95

Creamy delicate eye shadow foundation in neutral colors. It prolongs the wear time of eye shadow and prevents caking in the eyelid crease. The eye shadow base evenly covers the eyelids thus hiding small exposed capillaries and redness. The foundation intensifies the luminescence of colors, makes it easier to apply eye make up, and keeps powders in place. Also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Free of paraben, perfumes, and silicone.

Kajal Definer – €10.95

The Kajal Definer is a classic eyeliner of professional quality. The convincing features of the definer are its soft, creamy texture and the ease of application. The precision tip of the applicator guarantees exact contors. The saturated dye provides superior covering power. The long lasting adhesive properties prevent smudging. Also suitable for lining the inner rims of the eye. Contains conditioning mango kernel oil and Aloe vera.

  • No.08 Dark Chocolate
  • No.17 Apricot Brown
  • No.35 Dark Orchid

All In One Mascara – €13.95

Color rich mascara with special brush; lengthens the eyelashes und provides rich, alluring volume and style. Its top quality texture adheres safely for a long time and guarantees rich color and high covering power. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

  • No.04 Brown

High Shine Lip Gloss – €9.95

High Shine Lip Gloss provides the allure of wet lips. The intense lustre makes lips appear fuller. The pleasantly light texture of High Shine Lip Gloss allows it to add layer after layer for moderate to luscious shine. The fine applicator brush allows it to apply the lip gloss with even precision.

  • No.01 Crystal Clear

Mat Lip Stylo – €12.95

The Mat Lip Stylo is a creamy, soft lipstick with a satiny-matt finish. It distinguishes itself with its lush, intense and long-lasting colour as well as very high covering power. After putting it on, the lips feel supple and pampered without sticking or drying out. The product is free of parabens with dermatologically tested skin friendliness.

  • No.12 Pink Nude
  • No.16 Nude Rosewood
  • No.25 True Apricot

Enjoy more photos…

Makeup-Factory-Nude-Evolution-2016-Summer-Collection-1 Makeup-Factory-Nude-Evolution-2016-Summer-Collection-2 Makeup-Factory-Nude-Evolution-2016-Summer-Collection-3 Makeup-Factory-Nude-Evolution-2016-Summer-Collection-4 Makeup-Factory-Nude-Evolution-2016-Summer-Collection-5 Makeup-Factory-Nude-Evolution-2016-Summer-Collection-6 Makeup-Factory-Nude-Evolution-2016-Summer-Collection-7

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Taylor Two May 24, 2016 - 1:50 pm

Unless you’re going for the ‘I’m not wearing make up’ look, I’d be interested to see nudes look good on a brunette. I find I need greens and blues to look good otherwise it’s just more brown and beige added to existing brown and beige skin and hair and it all then looks super dull and boring.

Emily June 6, 2016 - 5:55 am

it is not expensive for these makeup products.


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