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Make Up Factory Memories of a Vintage Journey Fall 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

A desire of mine was to take a journey in the Orient Express luxurious train…and now seeing the new Make Up Factory Memories of a Vintage Journey Fall 2016 Collection is like adding salt on the wound. 🙂 Well, let’s take a journey together and discover a new Make Up Factory makeup collection inspired by memories of vintage, elegant and beautiful things.


The collection Memories of a Vintage Journey was inspired by the exclusive and luxurious atmosphere of the legendary Orient Express at the end of the 19th century. Exquisite leather suitcases, golden racks and velvet-upholstered chairs characterised the setting on the journey from Paris to Vienna. Exotic saffron yellow, intense dark red and deep blue have an elegant, yet simultaneously mysterious effect and echo the sense of adventure of the first train journeys.


International Launch Date – early September 2016 at Muller perfumeries

Make Up Factory Memories of a Vintage Journey Fall 2016 Collection

Eye Lift Corrector – €9.95

The Eye Lift Corrector consists of a creamy eye shadow foundation and a slightly yellowish tint. This evens out the skin color around the eyes for a smoother look. The concealer lightens the skin and covers redness and exposed small capillaries. Light reflecting pigments give skin a fresher and smoother appearance. The Eye Lift Corrector also increases the wear time of eye shadow. Free of perfumes. The dermatological tolerability was confirmed.

All Over Beautifier – €19.95

The delicately coloured All Over Beautifier gives every complexion a fresh and energised appearance. The soft salmon tone flatters every skin tone and works as an optical wake-me-up. Thanks to its low pigmentation, the All Over Beautifier is ideal for using over the entire face, beautifying the complexion with a barely-there look.

  • No.23 Touch of Salon

Blusher – €13.95

This blush consists of especially fine high-quality powder. It will put a hint of color on your cheeks and temples. The Blusher is ideal to define facial contours. Thanks to its silky soft texture the Blusher can be applied with precision. It adds the final touch to every make up.

  • No.48 Rich Burgundy

Mat Eye  Colors – €17.95

The four matt powder eye shadows in coordinated colors with an integrated applicator are delivered in an upscale box. The high-quality, cast texture renders intense colors. Thanks to the satiny-matt, fine quality, the Mat Eye Colors is ideal for modelling an accentuating the eye area. The four color nuances permit individual eye make up in different color combinations ranging from discreet to extravagant.

  • No.420 Colors of a Voyage

Liquid Eye Designer – €13.95

The color-rich Liquid Eye Designer with precision felt tip guarantees an expressive gaze. Due to the soft and flexible felt tip, the application is particularly simple and variable. For beautifully shaped lid lines from ultra-fine to dramatic. The color-rich liner with ample covering power makes eyelashes appear denser. The liner dries fast.

  • No.03 Graphite

Lash Explosion – €13.95

Lash Explosion provides explosive volume and a dramatic gaze. The mascara depot between the bristles allows it to apply plenty of color. Bristles of various lengths define and shape every individual eyelash. The large conic brush reaches even the finest eyelashes. Long lasting mascara (up to 10 hours). Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

  • No.01P Black

Lip Color – €13.95

The supple lipstick is pleasantly creamy and long-lasting. Its silky shine makes lips appear fuller. Ample color choices range from delicately transparent to intense and from classic to edgy.

  • No.094 Calm Nude
  • No.221 Creamy Aubergine

Color Perfection Lip Liner – €11.95

Unlimited color intensity and immediate coverage from the first application. Flaunt perfect lip contours with the water- and smudge-proof Color Perfection Lip Liner. The ultra-creamy and extremely long-lasting wax tip enables professional shading whilst making sure the lipstick won’t run.

  • No.04 Beige Rose
  • No.15 Dark Rosewood

Enjoy more photos…

Makeup-Factory-Memories-of-a-Vintage-Journey-2016-Fall-Winter Makeup-Factory-Memories-of-a-Vintage-Journey-2016-Fall-Winter-2 Makeup-Factory-Memories-of-a-Vintage-Journey-2016-Fall-Winter-3 Makeup-Factory-Memories-of-a-Vintage-Journey-2016-Fall-Winter-4 Makeup-Factory-Memories-of-a-Vintage-Journey-2016-Fall-Winter-5 Makeup-Factory-Memories-of-a-Vintage-Journey-2016-Fall-Winter-6

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