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Make Up Factory Eyeshadow Jewels for Spring 2015

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Make Up Factory presents Eyeshadow Jewels, its new spring 2015 eyeshadow palette that comes in a limited edition and features five new eye colors suitable for all eye colors.


Eye Shadow Jewels by Make up Factory wakes up the radiance in your eyes. It is the perfect eye-opener for all eye colours. Use the four eye shadow colours with the alluring shimmer of silk in combination with the golden shimmer of the highlighter to create endless eye shadow variations. A touch of colour provides the restrained daytime look while a more expressive choice of eye shadow will complete your evening makeup. Apply different colour combinations to dazzle with perfect eye shadow and extra allure for every occasion.


International Launch Date – mid March 2015 at Muller perfumeries

Make Up Factory Eyeshadow Jewels

Eye Shadow Jewels are the ideal eye-openers for an alert appearance. The marbled texture streaked with shimmering metallic particles gives eyes enticing radiance. The silky eye shadow comes in four lustrous colours and with one golden shimmering highlighter. The lighter colours are perfect for understated daytime makeup while the darker shades can be used to add accents for an alluring or elegant evening style. With the choice and combination of cool and warm shades Eye Shadow Jewels adapt to all eye colours. With practical mirror and twin applicator.



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