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Make Up Factory Elements of the Ocean Summer 2016 Collection

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Make Up Factory introduces its new Elements of the Ocean Summer 2016 Collection in aquatic shades. The limited edition summer 2016 Make Up Factory makeup items are already available in stores.


Immerse yourself in the depth of the oceans. The vast oceans and the magical colour play underneath its waves were the inspirations for the Make up Factory collection ‘Elements of the Ocean’. Maritime colours like indigo blue, sparkling blue and turquois set off with coral shades are perfect for the beach look.


International Launch Date – April 2016 at Muller

Make Up Factory Elements of the Ocean Summer 2016 Collection

Mat Sun Teint Powder – New & Limited Edition

Mat Sun Teint Powder is a tanning powder for all four seasons. It consists of two coordinated colour nuances, which tan all skin types evenly and gently all year round. The matte finish provides particularly naturally appearing tanning results. Thanks to the various shades of colour you will be able to create the tan of your choice. Dependent on the amount you apply, the tanning will vary from light to intense. The tanning powder is suitable for all skin types.

  • No.08 Sun Kissed

Shimmer Pearls – Limited Edition

The 3in1 highlighting powder pearls with a delicate pearly shimmer give a radiant, fresh look. The pastel shades act correct color as part of this: Apricot conjures up a gentle, even complexion, lilac gently reflects light for a youthful glow and mint-green conceals fine irregularities and slight redness. The soft, velvety texture makes for an extra pleasant application. Perfume and paraben free.

  • No.30 Pearly Sun

Eye Colors – New Shades

Four colour coordinated eye shadow powders with applicator inside a classy box. The high-quality cast eye shadow has a pleasantly delicate silky texture. The four colour nuances allow you to create eye shadow in your personal style from discreet to extravagant using various colour combination.

  • No.33 Secret Lagoon
  • No.44 Ocean Dive

Smoky Liner Long-Lasting Waterproof – New

The Smoky Liner is a new eyeliner with an integrated brush at the end. With a brush made from high-quality synthetic fibres, the blending can be done to look professional. Because of its pleasantly soft and delicate wax-based creamy texture, it can be evenly applied, creating intense colors. Perfectly suited to achieve soft and smoky effects, ideal for the Smoky Eyes Look. The liner dries quickly and once dry, it will be smudge and water proof. As a result, the liner provides long-wearing eye make-up.

  • No.26 Ocean Blue
  • No.28 Pacific Blue

Automatic Eyeliner -New Shade

The Automatic Eyeliner is a terrific 3-in-1 product for the creation of long-lasting, expressive eye contours. The soft high-quality texture makes it easy to apply the liner with precision to the upper and lower eyelash bases. The eyelashes will look long, dense, and alluring. Use the applicator tip to blur the contour lines. The sharpener can be used to keep the liner tip sharp for precision applications.

  • No.15 Dark Turquoise

Metallic Eyeliner – New Shade

The creamy eye contour stick with metallic shimmering particles can be advanced and retracted. The Metallic Eyeliner has a light texture, intense colour, and a long wear time. The top quality eyeliner may also be used very close to the eyes. The integrated sharpener keeps the point sharp; the included applicator makes it easy to apply, blend, and shade the colour. The eyeliner is water proof.

  • No.15 Metallic Lagoon

Dream Eyes Waterproof Mascara

Dream Eyes gives your lashes irresistible volume and elegant swing for a dreamy gaze. The waterproof mascara does not smudge. This increases the wear time and prevents flaking. The conical applicator brush lifts the lashes and opens the gaze. This creates amazingly large looking eyes. The special combination of waxes conditions the lashes and builds stunning volume with continued use. Dream Eyes mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

  • No.01 Black

Glossy Lip Stylo – New Shades

  • No.11 Intense Coral
  • No.18 Red Coral
  • No.36 Coral Pink

Nail Color – New Shades

  • No.537 Iridescent Lagoon
  • No.538 Water Reflections

Enjoy more photos…

Make-Up-Factory-Elements-of-the-Ocean-Summer-2016-Collection Make-Up-Factory-Elements-of-the-Ocean-Summer-2016-Collection-1 Make-Up-Factory-Elements-of-the-Ocean-Summer-2016-Collection-2 Make-Up-Factory-Elements-of-the-Ocean-Summer-2016-Collection-3 Make-Up-Factory-Elements-of-the-Ocean-Summer-2016-Collection-4 Make-Up-Factory-Elements-of-the-Ocean-Summer-2016-Collection-5

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