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Make up Factory All Eyes on Brows Collection for Fall 2015

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

Make Up Factory presents its new All Eyes on Brows Collection for fall 2015 which features only brow makeup products, essential items to give your eyebrows a perfect look.


Professional makeup artist master the art of emphasising and defining eyebrows. Skilful eyebrow makeup takes an important place in today’s makeup trends. Therefore, Make up Factory offers a wealth of professional quality eyebrow products, which shape, smooth, define, thicken, and set your eyebrows to perfection.


Europe Launch Date – end July 2015 at Muller perfumeries

Make up Factory All Eyes on Brows Fall 2015 Collection

Make up Factory Volumizing Lash Primer – €19.95

Volumizing Lash Primer is a white foundation, which may be applied under any mascara. By coating every single eyelash, the foundation thickens the lashes and makes them appear longer. Various algae extracts condition, stimulate, and provide moisture. This will give your eyelashes a silky lustre. Red algae extract keeps your eyelashes supple and flexible. Fragrance and paraben-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.


  • No.01 Transparent

Make up Factory Clear Eye Brow Gel – €9.95

Clear Eye Brow Gel defines and sets the eyebrows perfectly. The gel gives eyebrows a particularly natural, well-tended appearance. The clear gel is suitable for all eyebrow colours. The innovative ball brush provides perfect control over the applied amount and makes applications simple and easy. The gel dries fast and provides a natural shine. Fragrance and paraben-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.


  • No.01 Transparent

Make up Factory Tinted Eye Brow Gel – €9.95

The Tinted Eye Brow Gel shapes and defines the eyebrows to perfection. You will achieve a natural look. The subtly tinted gel ideally fills and hides sparse eyebrow patches. The special gel texture will keep the eyebrow hair in place for an extended time. Use the small handy brush to apply the gel with ease and precision. Contains conditioning panthenol. Free of perfumes.


  • No.03 Dark Brown
  • No.06 Light Brown

Make up Factory Ultrastay Brow Cream – €14.95

Ultrastay Brow Cream gives your eyebrows a natural appearance, which lasts all day long. The tinted eyebrow colour makes eyebrows look thicker; patches with sparse or no hair can be camouflaged. The texture makes it easy to apply the eyebrow cream evenly for naturally looking brows. Use the fast-drying Ultrastay Brow Cream to define and shape your eyebrows. The cream does not smear or bleed. After application and drying, the eyebrow cream will be smudge and waterproof. Paraben and fragrance-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.


  • No.03 Dark Brown
  • No.06 Hazelnut

Make up Factory Eye Contour Brush – €9.95

The small bevelled Eye Contour Brush has more than one use. It can be used to draw soft eye contours and also to soften severe looking contours. Also use the contour brush to contour the eye shadow or the eyebrows. Top quality toray fibres and marten hair guarantee optimal colour uptake and dispensing. The tip of the tapered brush head keeps its shape beautifully and can therefore be used for precision applications.

Make up Factory Eye Brow Powder – €19.95

Two color coordinated eyebrow powders in a convenient set. Contains four templates (thick, thin, natural, and round) for precision and ease of application. After the powder application, eyebrows look even and natural; individualised styling is possible. The eyebrow powder defines the contour so that the brows appear fuller. The two powders can be mixed to achieve a custom eyebrow color.


  • No.01 Intense Brown
  • No.02 Coffee Brown
  • No.04 Chocolate Brown
  • No.06 Ash Brown

Make up Factory Eye Brow Styler – €14.95

The eyebrow stick with special brush shapes the eyebrows perfectly. The long-lasting smooth texture makes it easy to apply the styler evenly. The styler defines the eyebrow contour and fills in thin spots. Use the supplied brush to shade the eyebrow contour for a natural appearance.


  • No.01 Black
  • No.09 Copper Brown

Make up Factory Eyebrow Lifting Stick – €9.95

The Eyebrow Lifting Stick creates the appearance of an instant eyebrow lift. The eyebrows appear to arch higher and the eyes look larger. This will give give eyes a wide-awake gaze. The soft, creamy texture is easy to apply and blends easily. Paraben and fragrance-free. The skin compatibility is dermatologically approved.


  • No.01 Bright Beige

Make up Factory Sharpener for Eyebrow Lifting Stick – €4.95

The sharpener features a top-quality metal blade for precise sharpening. It is ideally suited for the Eyebrow Lifting Stick but also for all other large-diameter pencils. Remove the ring around the opening to increase the clearance from 10 to 12 mm. The container catches all shavings. Conveniently discard the shavings after opening the container lid. A little cleaning stick for the blade is included.

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