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LOV Makeup Collection Fall 2016

by Tavia

Hello cuties!

A new beauty brand is born! L.O.V. by Cosnova is making its debut next week and feature and amazingly large number of products. Cosnova also hosts brands like Essence and Catrice but I feel L.O.V. Cosmetics is a bit more select, fashionable and exquisite while keeping decent prices for the quality of its products. At this point the brand will be launching only in three countries, hoping that in a few years will expand internationally as well as I would love to see a LOV beauty corner at my local drugstore as well. LOV Brush Collection will be also launched next week along with the new makeup and nail products.


The L.O.V. Woman “She is a passionate woman who loves and lives modern femininity. A fascinating, multifaceted personality – strong & determined, but at the same time inspiring, full of empathy and with a heart of gold. Her interests lie in architecture, design & art. Traveling and culture are her sources of inspiration. She has an appreciation for all things beautiful. A love of detail and cosmetics are her passion. Yet her true beauty shines from within. She is at peace with herself and fulfills her many roles straight from the heart and with incredible ease. As a businesswoman, mother and cosmopolitan being, she masters a true balancing act between the worlds. She is well-informed and knows the latest trends, but decides for herself what she likes and what suits her. She follows her own style. She can be anything she wants to be!”


Germany, Switzerland and Austria Launch Date – mid August 2016 in Müller, Rossman and Bundi drugstore branches,  @douglas.de | 15 August 2016 @lov.eu

LOV Makeup Collection Fall 2016

LOViconyx Eyeshadow & Contouring Palette – New & Permanent – €14.99

Five harmonizing colors, which ensure that there is no limit to the feminine creativity. Delicate yet intense – for expressive eye make-up. Object of desire: the deep-black, elegant palette with a mirror and double-ended applicator fits perfectly in the palm of the hand.

  • 800 A Walk on the Beach with Marilyn
  • 810 A Night Out with Marilyn
  • 820 A Glass Wine with Liz

THE SOPHISTICATED Eyeshadow – New & Permanent – €8.99

Perfect for a modern and elegant look. A silky formula for an iridescent effect or as a top coat for a shimmering finish on the lid. Tub with an integrated mirror and sponge applicator.

  • 400 Midas Touch
  • 410 Aphorodite Kiss
  • 420 Venus Glance

Unexpected Eyeshadow – New & Permanent – €6.99

Absolute must-have for an unforgettable, soft look – matt, pearly or metallic. Highly pigmented formula with variable coverage and an inimitable touch, perfect for blending. With an integrated mirror and sponge applicator

  • 100 Black Orchid (Matt)
  • 110 Sun Eclipse (Matt)
  • 120 Misty Earth (Matt)
  • 130 Floral Odyssey (Matt)
  • 140 Lunar Rock (Matt)
  • 150 Moonlight Allure (Matt)
  • 200 Orient Sky (Pearly)
  • 210 Blossom Glow (Pearly)
  • 220 Space (Pearly)
  • 230 Faraway (Pearly)
  • 240 Mocca Gleam (Pearly)
  • 250 Rose Touch (Pearly)
  • 300 Aurora (Metallic)
  • 310 Shadow Play (Metallic)
  • 320 Fairy Dust (Metallic)
  • 330 Woodland (Metallic)
  • 340 Winter Desert (Metallic)
  • 350 Glamorous Night (Metallic)

TheGlacious Stylo Eyeshadow- New & Permanent – €9.99

Creamy eyeshadow in a pen-shape with a shimmering pearl effect and high color brilliance. Creates a cooling effect on the eyelid upon application.

  • 900 Meteorite
  • 910 Bronze Leaf
  • 920 Lavender Aura
  • 930 Lunar Shine
  • 940 Ashes of Roses
  • 950 Ice Star

The FORBIDDEN Dramatic Volume Mascara – New & Permanent – €9.99

Provides spectacular volume and an exciting curl with just one application. Hidden inside the glossy packaging, a professional mascara brush with an hourglass shape allows an easy application of the unique plumping texture for lashes with perfect definition.

  • 100 Black Provocation
  • 110 Black Provocation Waterproof
  • 120 Extra Black Provocation

BEST DRESSED 24H Long-Wear Volume – New & Permanent – €9.99

The “every day mascara“ with a soft fiber brush. The creamy texture creates an instant volume effect and is guaranteed to last 24 hours.

  • 100 Velvet Black
  • 110 Velvet Black Waterproof

LASHaffair Curling Bold Lashes – New & Permanent – €10.99

For a “flirty” look: curl, definition and volume united in just one mascara. The special curved fiber brush ensures perfectly curled lashes for up to 8 hours – without the need for a lash curling tool.

  • 110 Blind Date

LASHaffair Lengthening Bold Lashes – New & Permanent – €10.99

All in one“ mascara with an ultra-black, shiny finish – for a “false-lash” effect. The accurate elastomer brush perfectly separates, defines and makes lashes look longer.

  • 100 Alluring Black

GUILTeyes Fan Effect Mascara – New & Permanent – €9.99

Total volume and wide-open eyes – each individual lash is separated and defined for an ultimate wow-effect! The asymmetric shape of the brush captures even the shortest lashes and covers them in intensive color to ensure a perfect curl.

  • 100 Black Envy
  • 110 Black Envy Waterproof

RoyaLASH Superior Strength & Volume Mascara – New & Permanent – €13.99

A sophisticated look and pampered lashes in one. With a soft formula that provides volume and strengthens the lashes at the same time. Three times more intensive looking, stronger and more voluminous lashes after 30 days of application. Gentle fiber brush for a simple and accurate application.

  • 100 Moonstone Black
  • 120 Taaffeite Brown

LINEattitude Dip Eyeliner – New & Permanent – €5.99

MUST HAVE for all eyeliner-fans – classic and timeless. Perfect for a strong and defined eyeliner style due to the liquid formula combined with a professional brush. Intensive color-dispersion with just one stroke. Ultra-glossy, long-lasting texture.

  • 100 Black

LOVliner Dip Eyeliner – New & Permanent – €4.99

MUST HAVE for all eyeliner-fans – classic and timeless. Perfect for slim and accurate eyeliner styles due to the liquid formula in combination with the precision applicator made of silicone. Ultra-glossy, long-lasting texture.

  • 100 Black

Confidentialiner Eyeliner Pen – New & Permanent – €6.99

A perfect synthesis of intensive color-dispersion, easy application and a pleasant feel. Pure essence of black, glossy color – for smooth and intensive eyeliner styles.

  • 100 Secretive Black

Supreme Liner Eyeliner Pen – New & Permanent – €7.49

L.O.V-exclusive: tailor-made to create extraordinary looks. The new generation of an ultra-glossy and long-lasting formula. The soft felt-tip has a unique tulip shape – for a secure feeling in the hand and individual eyeliner styles.

  • 100 Fearless Black

RoyaLINER Eyeliner Pen – New & Permanent – €7.99

Pure luxury for the eyes: the ultimate combination of sophistication and first-class performance. Ultra-liquid, black formula for individual and clearly defined eyeliner styles. Perfection made easy: the soft and supple applicator allows a simple application.

  • 100 Black Grace

Confessioneyes Kohl Pencil – New & Permanent – €7.99

The essential pencil for an enchanting, mysterious look. Intensive formula – specially developed for the waterline, the fine line between the base of the lashes and the eye. Tip: the beige-rosé shade opens the eyes!

  • 100 Midnight Black
  • 110 Mocca Affair
  • 120 Veil of Nude

THE SMOKYaffair Dramatic Eye Pencil – New & Permanent – €6.99

Seduction is about to become irresistible. The perfect tool for an expressive smoky eyes look. Thanks to the special applicator, the highly pigmented texture is easy to blend.

  • 300 Melancholic Antigone
  • 310 Majestic Athena
  • 320 Magic Aurora
  • 330 Mystical Ariadne

Best Dressed Eye Pencil – New & Permanent – €6.99

Lively colors for an expressive look. Special, highly pigmented texture for an intensive color-dispersion. Long-lasting formula – for up to 12 hours.With an integrated sharpener.

  • 200 Marvellous Onyx
  • 210 Sapphire Opulence
  • 220 Diamond Allure
  • 230 Majestic Amethyst
  • 240 Oriental Tanzanite
  • 250 Antique Amber
  • 260 Emerald Couture

BROWttitude Eyebrow Designer – New & Permanent – €5.99

Ultra-accurate eyebrow pencil for a flawless brow finish. Retractable pencil with a calligraphic and triangular color tip. With an integrated shaping brush – for smooth and natural results.

  • 200 Wheat
  • 210 Honey
  • 220 Halzet
  • 230 Chocolate

BROWttitude Brow Gel Serum – New & Permanent – €6.99

  • 100 All Round Up Temptation
  • 110 Blonde Temptation
  • 120 Brunette Temptation

BROWttitude Eyebrow Contouring Palette – New & Permanent – €12.99

Perfect symbiosis of three soft powders and a fixing wax. The three powder colors can be combined to create an optimal individual shade. The correcting powder contours the brows for an instant lift-effect.

  • 300 Blonde Attitude
  • 800 Brunette Attitude

PERFECTitude Eyeshadow Primer – New & Permanent – €8.99

The secret weapon for flawless eye make-up: for brighter & smoother looking eyelids. Extends the durability of eyeshadow for up to 18 hours. Contains hyaluronic FILLING SPHERES™.

LIPaffair Color & Care Lipstick – New & Permanent – €9.99

A love affair that every woman should welcome – intensive, multifaceted and so sensual. The Color & Care Lipstick unites everything a strong woman could possibly want from a lipstick! A creamy and long-lasting formula with a subtle shine or a semi-matt finish. Wonderfully comfortable to wear with an intensive pigmentation. A pampering texture with kendi-oil and hyaluronic FILLING SPHERESTM for smooth, full lips.

  • 500 Sina’s Nude
  • 501 Gesine’s Redwood
  • 510 Silvia’s Coral
  • 511 Annick’s Santal
  • 520 Yvonne’s Pink
  • 521 Verena’s Rose
  • 530 Ayann’s Orchid
  • 550 Valentina’s Grenadine
  • 551 Christina’s Red
  • 552 Jurate’s Ruby
  • 560 Jana’s Red Wine
  • 561 Claudia’s Crimson
  • 580 Nadine’s Berry
  • 540 Isabelle’s Plum (Matt)
  • 570 Saneia’s Fuchsia (Matt)
  • 590 Olympe’s Burgundy (Matt)

LOVlicious Caring Volume Gloss – New & Permanent – €5.99

The innovative and modern lipgloss unites expressive colors with a shiny finish – from totally natural to a light coverage. Enriched with valuable Tsubaki oil and vitamin E for incredibly pampered-looking lips.

  • 100 Mystic Sand
  • 110 Secret Apricot
  • 120 Charming Rose
  • 130 Seductive Flamingo
  • 140 Envious Coral
  • 150 Toxic Flame
  • 160 Alluring Fuchsia
  • 170 Tempting Grape
  • 180 Forbidden Cassis
  • 190 Addicting Rosewood

LOVful Shine & Care Lip Stylo – New & Permanent – €8.99

Natural with a feminine touch: the Lip Stylo with a natural coverage ensures a soft shine with a second skin-feeling. Enriched with monoi butter and vitamin E for pampered-looking lips.

  • 300 Istambul
  • 310 Amsterdam
  • 320 Barcelona
  • 330 New York
  • 340 London
  • 350 Sidney
  • 360 Tokyo
  • 370 Stockholm
  • 380 Paris
  • 390 Berlin

LIPaffair COLOR & CARE LIP PENCIL – New & Permanent – €5.99

For a perfect lip contour: the easy-to-blend texture unites precision and softness that lasts. A perfect match for all nine LIPaffair shades, completed by a neutral and a transparent version. Enriched with cotton seed and jojoba oil as well as vitamin E.

  • 501 100% Gesine
  • 530 100% Ayann
  • 550 100% Valentine
  • 551 100% Christina
  • 580 100% Nadine
  • 560 100% Jana
  • 540 100% Isabelle
  • 561 100% Claudia
  • 570 100% Saneia

ABSOLUTEme Nourishing Lip Balm Stick – New & Permanent – €8.99

Pampering texture, enriched with monoi butter, argan oil, cocoa butter, peach kernel oil and shea butter for smooth and supple lips. Provides a soft, transparent shimmer.

ABOUTme Smoothing Lip Balm – New & Permanent – €9.99

The must-have lip care with a touch of coral pink and a transparent shine. Enriched with cherry kernel oil, milk protein and shea butter for noticeably more supple lips.

TRUEme Lip Treatment Oil Day & Night – New & Permanent – €9.99

Lip care par excellence: the unique beauty oil nourishes the lips and provides them with a healthy shine. Enriched with avocado oil and vitamin E. For application during the day or at night for intensive regeneration.

EVENelixir Serum Foundation – New & Permanent – €14.99

Secret alchemy: EVENelixier is much more than just a make-up. In the elegant glass flacon, the serum and foundation merge into a valuable elixir that makes the skin radiate from the inside. The airy, light and oil-free texture with a pipette applicator for an accurate dosage ensures a smooth and radiant complexion all day long. Improves the moisture content and elasticity of the skin in just two weeks** – small lines are visibly reduced, the complexion is significantly smoother and more radiant.

  • 010 Ivory Elegance
  • 020 Fair Dream
  • 030 Rosy Touch
  • 040 Honey-Moon
  • 050 Pure Nudity

THEUndressed 12H Moisturizing Foundation – New & Permanent – €9.99

Ensures a pleasant “naked skin feeling” all day long. Irregularities are effortlessly concealed. Long-lasting, silky and natural finish. Medium, skin-perfecting coverage.

  • 020 Fair Medium
  • 030 Rosy Touch
  • 040 Honey-Moon
  • 050 Pure Nudity

LOVtime 18H Long Lasting Foundation – New & Permanent – €11.99

Oil-free texture enriched with hyaluronic FILLING SPHERES™ for smooth and matt results. Lasts up to 18 hours. Non-comedogenic and with an SPF of 20. Medium to high coverage.

  • 010 Ivory Elegance
  • 020 Fair Medium
  • 030 Rosy Touch
  • 040 Honey-Moon
  • 050 Pure Nudity
  • 060 Golden Hour

HEARTful Healthy Glow Blush – New & Permanent – €6.99

A supple texture with moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Long-lasting color-effect for a healthy glow. Six nuances with a silky-matt or softly shimmering finish.

  • 010 Charming Rose
  • 020 Secret Apricot (Matt)
  • 030 Seductive Flamingo
  • 040 Warm Caramel (Matt)
  • 050 Mystic Sand
  • 060 Tempting Grape (Matt)

EFFECTful Concealer Pen – New & Permanent – €8.99

Dark shadows, fine lines and signs of fatigue are successfully concealed. With valuable Tsubaki oil for silky skin. The innovative “push” applicator for a targeted, “on the spot” application.

  • 015 Wake Up Peach
  • 020 Bright Rose
  • 040 Refreshing Nude

CONFIDENTIAL Camouflage Concealer Palette – New & Permanent – €12.99

Four long-lasting, complexion-perfecting shades – each creamy or powdery: a rosy, brightening corrector, 2 camouflage nuances with high coverage and a transparent powder to set the concealing effect in place. Provides freshness, hides redness and shadows. With an integrated mirror, how-to instructions and a double-ended applicator.

COVERStory Serum Concealer – New & Permanent – €9.99

With a soft focus effect for a naturally radiant and fresh look. Enriched with valuable argan oil. “Airless“ pump dispenser with a 3D-applicator.

  • 010 Silky Nude
  • 020 Vanilla Rose

LOVsun Hd Matte Bronzer – New & Permanent – €8.99

The light, silky texture with moisturizing hyaluronic acid is easy to blend. Provides the skin with a natural-matte HD finish. With an integrated mirror and sponge applicator.

  • 010 Lov Your Glow
  • 020 Sunshine L.O.V.

PERFECTitude Primer Serum – New & Permanent – €12.99

Refines and visibly smoothens the complexion. The ideal basis for flawless and radiant make-up. With valuable porcelain flower and an SPF of 15. “Airless“ pump dispenser for a perfect dosage.

PERFECTitude Mattifying Primer – New & Permanent – €9.99

The must-have primer to mattify the skin and prepare it for long-lasting make-up. The pores are visibly refined, fine lines disappear and the skin appears smooth and clear.

PERFECTitude Translucent Compact Powder – New & Permanent – €9.99

Airy and light compact powder for instant perfection and long durability. Enriched with valuable porcelain flower. In a universal color that becomes transparent upon application.

PERFECTitude Translucent Loose Powder – New & Permanent – €11.99

Airy and light loose powder texture for instant perfection and long durability. Enriched with valuable porcelain flower. In a universal color that becomes transparent upon application. Innovative black powder container with an especially fine sieve and a velvety powder puff.

DUAList 2In1 Powder Foundation – New & Permanent – €9.99

Powder and foundation united in a single product with light to medium coverage. Feels like soft cashmere on the skin. Enriched with a serum and ceramide NP. With an integrated mirror and 2in1 applicator: powder puff on one side for light coverage, sponge on the other for more intense coverage.

PERFECTitude Face Contouring Palette – New & Permanent – €11.99

Three luxurious cream textures ideal for contouring and blending. Contains light-reflecting pigments for a glow effect. With an integrated mirror and how-to instructions.

LOVinity Long Lasting Nail Lacquer – New & Permanent – €5.99

The formula with innovative polymer technology ensures an intense, high-shine color finish without chipping – for up to seven days. Perfection with just one stroke: the high-performance brush guarantees a smooth and simple application. Inspired by the seductive curves of a woman, the bottle with a double cap lies comfortably in the hand.

  • 100 Coral Confession
  • 110 Blooming Blush
  • 120 Precious Pink
  • 130 Flattering Fuchsia
  • 140 Scarlet Sunset
  • 150 Genuine Grenadine
  • 160 Remarkable Red
  • 170 Radiant Ruby
  • 180 Sensual Sangria
  • 190 Currant Charm
  • 200 Beautiful Berry
  • 210 Alluring Amethyst
  • 220 Passionate Plum
  • 230 Bold Burgundy
  • 240 Mahagony Mystery
  • 250 Deep-Red Drama
  • 260 Coffee Compassion
  • 270 Subtle Shadow
  • 280 Timeless Taupe
  • 290 Ash Illusion
  • 300 Mauve Majesty
  • 310 Opulent Orchid
  • 320 Revealing Redwood
  • 330 Auburn Affection

LOVinity Even Effect Base Coat – New & Permanent – €6.99

Extends the durability of all LOVinity polishes by up to 3 days. Reduces premature chipping as well as wear and tear of the nail polish, and prevents discoloration.


Nail polish for a particularly soft and naturally shiny finish. A creamy texture enriched with a translucent coverage. Enriched with marula oil for strong, pampered-looking nails.

  • 500 Pure Nudity
  • 510 Ivory Elegance
  • 520 Golden Hour
  • 530 Fair Dream
  • 540 Rosy Touch

Luster Brilliant Shine Gel Top Coat – New & Permanent – €5.99

Top coat for a gel look with a high-shine finish. Crystal-clear and volumizing texture. Seals the color nail polish and dries fast.

RADIANT Quick Dry Sealing Top Coat – New & Permanent – €5.99

Fast-drying top coat for a shiny finish and a smooth application. Color nail polish is covered in an invisible, chip-resistant layer. Extends the durability of the nail polish and helps prevent fading of the color.

LOVtouch Nail & Cuticle Serum – New & Permanent – €8.99

Refreshing serum refined with coconut water, which pampers the nails and cuticles intensively. Supports the natural growth of the nail and protects the cuticles. Brush applicator for a fast and simple application.

LOVappeal Nail & Cuticle Oil – New & Permanent – €8.99

Intensive care and revitalization for nails and cuticles. Enriched with a valuable oil complex of argan, almond and macadamia oils for soft, supple cuticles and healthier looking nails. Brush applicator for a fast and simple application.

LOVtender Cuticle Treatment – New & Permanent – €9.99

Rich care and instant regeneration for dry and stressed cuticles. With panthenol, urea and monoi oil. For even more intensive results, apply the cream before going to bed, massage into the cuticles and leave on overnight.

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LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-6 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-7 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-8 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-9 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-10 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-11 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-12 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-13 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-14 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-15 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-16 LOV-Cosnova-2016-Makeup-Collection-17

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