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Little Ondine Back to Black Nail Polish Review, Swatches, Photos

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I haven’t heard about Little Ondine nail products before my friend Gio from BeautifulwithBrains mention it to me, a few months ago when I was visiting her in London. She was so kind to give me her Little Ondine Back to Black nail polish as she know how much I like dark nails. My first experience with this nail product was mostly disappointing but I still felt it deserved a second try. So…when I got back home to Romania, I gave it a second try, but do read all about  my experience right after the break.


Where to buy:

U.S. / UK / China / Singapore – @littleondine.com

Little Ondine Back to Black (L100) Nail Polish ($12.99 / £8.40 for 10. 5 ml / 0.35 fl oz) is a dark black with a glossy finish. It has a rich and intense pigmentation and it looks opaque on the nails right after the first coat. It has a bit of thicker formula, but applies effortlessly and without any streaking, pulling or bubbling.

It dries very fast but the thing is that after you’ve applied your Little Ondine nail polish you have to keep your nails away from warm water for 3 hours. The thing is that Little Ondine stablizes and hardens over time so if you come in contact with water or other liquids would soften the polish and lift the edges. I actually kept my nails away from water for about 1 hour for the first time and that’s why I think the polish didn’t last more than 1 day on me…it simply started to chip very badly, so on the next day I had to remove it.

I find it ideal to apply a base coat, then layer 2 coats of Little Ondine Back to Black and then avoid activities which involve water for about 3 hours (or at least 1 if you can). So I usually like to apply this nail polish before going out as I know it dries so fast and I’m also not tempted to wash my hands to get in contact with water if I stay home.

The second time I applied this nail color and followed the steps above, things were looking much brighter as the nail polish did lasted for about 3 days without chipping but with minor tip wear.

There are two things that I absolutely love about Little Ondine Back to Blackthe first being that it dries out almost instantly cuz you know I simply hate for that part where I have to wait for 10 minutes or more for my nail polish to dry and I can’t do pretty much while waiting…and the second is that it’s so damn easy to remove it, as I don’t need a nail polish remover. Is enough to simply peel of the polish from my nails.

Remember that I told you the first time I used this polish I wasn’t impressed….well that was also because the polished was removed in chunks and not in one piece as it did afterwards.

So please follow the steps carefully before using any of your favorite Little Ondine nail colors, as each step is important and will help the color last longer and shine beautifully on your nails.

I have to go out now and I’m already in a hurry….just 2 min to spare to paint my nails with Back to Black…kisses lovelies! xo xo

Enjoy more photos…





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