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Lancôme New Blush Subtil & Le Correcteur Pro for Spring 2014

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

Lancome releases this spring 8 new shades of Blush Subtil along with new Le Corrector Pro Concealer Palettes. While in Asia only 6 blushes will be available, here in Europe we will get 2 more of them. The new concealer palettes contain 3 corrective shades and a brush with two different applicators. The colors should be combined and applied in 3 steps. The first step would be to use the right color to correct dark circles, red spots or any other imperfections using the first color from the palette. The second step is to smooth the skin, using the color matching your skin tone which is the shade from the middle. The final step would be to set the product in place using the third color of the palette and a small powder brush.



International Launch Date – May 2014 for Blush Subtil | mid April 2014 for Le Correcteur Pro Palette

U.S. Launch Date – now at Lancome counters and online @lancome-usa.com

Singapore Launch Date – early February 2014

Lancome Le Corrector Pro Concealer Palette – $38.00 / €49.00

This customized concealer kit is the ultimate dark circle eraser for bright, youthful eyes. In 3 simple steps, the eye contour is hydrated and illuminated, minimizing signs of fatigue. The translucent powder can be used to set the water resistant concealer for long-lasting perfection. Includes a step by step transparency for application insights.


  • 100 Ivoire OS
  • 200 Cool Buff OS
  • 200 Warm Buff OS
  • 300 Cool Bisque OS
  • 300 Warm Bisque OS
  • 400 Bisque OS
  • 500 Suede OS
  • 550 Deep Suede OS

Lancome Blush Subtil – New Shades – $30.00 / €44.00

This luxuriously silky powder blush glides on with its own brush to color and contour for a flawless application every time. Color stays true for hours; versatile finish never looks dry or dull, thanks to moisture-balancing ingredients that keep skin feeling completely comfortable. Oil-free and oil-absorbing. Ideal for all skin types.


  • 011 Brun Roche
  • 020 Rose Sable
  • 021 Rose Paradise
  • 022 Rose If
  • 030 Sorbet de Corail
  • 031 Pepite de Corail
  • 032 Rouge in Love
  • 041 Figue Espiegle

Enjoy more photos…

Lancome-2014-Blush-Subtil Lancome-2014-Blush-Subtil-1 Lancome-2014-Blush-Subtil-2 Lancome-2014-Blush-Subtil-3


Lancome-Corrector-Pro-Palette-1 Lancome-Corrector-Pro-Palette-2 Lancome-Corrector-Pro-Palette-3 Lancome-Corrector-Pro-Palette-4

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