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La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare Preview, Photos, Info

by Tavia

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Now you can transform all signs of aging with La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare, the ultimate rejuvenating eye serum. Joining the Platinum Collection with the other four products, the new Eye Essence concentrates on solving anti-wrinkle concerns by minimizing the look of wrinkles and preventing new ones from forming while it also fights eye-area discoloration for a brighter look and provides instant lifting while it smooths outs wrinkles.

La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex provides nutrients and energizing factors including Glycoproteins, Ginseng Root Extract, Horsetail Extract and many other agefighting ingredients from bio-tech and botanical origin which revitalize, moisturize and energize the skin.


International Launch Date – September 2014 at Sephora, Douglas and online @laprairie.com

Romania Launch Date – September 2014 at Sephora, Douglas

La Prairie Cellular Eye Essence Platinum Rare – New – $365.00 / €260 for 15 ml/ 0.5 oz


Anti-wrinkle / Relaxing

  • platinum peptide: platinum particles bonded to acetyl tetrapeptide-17, protect the peptide from destructive enzymes in the skin, allowing superior anti-wrinkle activity and firming
  • herbal relaxants smooth facial muscles to minimize the wrinkle potential of expression lines
  • black tea ferment decreases glycation, a process that makes the skin rigid as we age

Brightening / Anti-discoloration

  • white bird of paradise extract promotes even skin tone, by decreasing bilirubin, a discoloring yellowish pigment in the skin
  • green microalgae oligopeptide builds up transparency of the skin to disguise dark under-eye circles
  • arctic pearlescent pigment offers instant brightness by reflecting light
  • caffeine helps reduce the look of under-eye darkness and feeling of puffiness

Instant lift/ Tightening

  • lifting and tightening complex provides tensing that tightens loose skin; blend of natural polymers smooths lines and stays in place for hours


  • “second skin” non-occlusive protective patch on skin’s surface, slows transepidermal water loss and helps deliver active ingredients
  • cultured stem cell extract helps protect skin from premature aging; decreases free radicals and helps stimulate DNA repair
  • colloidal platinum water stabilizes the skin’s balance for improved moisture and protection of the epidermis


Apply it morning and evening on clean skin by dispensing one drop into your palm and use your fingertips by gently and smoothly patting the serum around the contour of the yes. It’s the kind of product that can be applied directly to the upper eyelid and over frown lines between eyebrows. As a luxury skincare brand, La Prairie makes the difference even when it comes to the packaging as the cool-feeling metal ball at the tip of the dropper can also be used to smooth product around the contours of the eyes to minimize the feeling of puffiness. After the Eye Essence is absorbed completely you can follow up with Cellular Eye Cream Platinum Rare or your favorite eye cream.

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