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Kinetics Bon Paris nail polish from the Change It Up! Spring 2010 Collection – Review, Photos, Swatches

by Tavia

Change It Up! Spring 2010 Collection is one of the most colorful collections by Kinetics in my opinion. Includes 7 beautiful polishes in bright, pastel or dark colors, just enough for everyone to choose a favorite.

Bon Paris is by far my favorite color from the entire spring collection. At first I didn’t gave it to much credit, but after I’ve seen the color on my nails I was definitely in love with it. Bon Paris is a purple grenadine color, very beautiful and opaque.

Bon Paris nail polish – 2 coats

Price and Availability

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US price: between $ 6.70 – $ 8.10

Europe price: between Eur 5.30 – Eur 6.30

I’ve applied only two layers of Bon Paris to get this result. The texture is creamy but fluid enough to make the application a pleasure. The brush was also very helpful, it picked up enough product and glided on my nails without living lines. This color is one of my favorite and it looks so shiny even without a top coat.

After the jump you can read more about it and check out Bon Paris photos in matte variant and after 4 days of wearing it on my nails.

Bon Paris + top coat

Adding one layer of top coat will make this color even shinier and will protect it for many days. So far so good!

Matte One Night Top Coat is a mattifying top coat which is also included in the Change It Up! spring 2010 collection. I’ve applied on layer of this mattifying top coat over Bon Paris and I loved it even more.

Bon Paris + Matte One Night Top Coat

I love it both ways, and it’s hard to decide which one I’m going to wear from now on. πŸ™‚ What would you choose? After applying Matte One Night top coat, the polish dried very fast and I wouldn’t have to wait 5 minutes like I did when I applied other colors. This mattifying top coat opens a littleΒ  bit the color of the nail polish giving it a matte elegant effect.

The color is gorgeous in any variant, matte or shiny, the application went without problems, the formula is perfect but let’s see if is also chip resistant.

Bon Paris 4 days later

As I said before, a good nail polish must be more than just a pretty color. I’m not into nail polishes that only offer a great color but the application, formula, the brush or the price are not that convenient. I prefer a chip resistant nail polish because I don’t like to change my nail color so often.

Let see the first photo where I’ve applied shiny top coat.

Bon Paris + top coat – after 4 days

Can you believe this color has 4 days in this photo? Oh well, it’s true. It is a little bit chipped on the ends but this is perfectly normal and understandable. I can’t believe it looks so good knowing the dishes that I’ve washed and hot showers that I took every day. πŸ™‚

Now let’s see how Bon Paris in matte variant looks like.

Bon Paris + Matte One Night Top Coat

The result is incredible! No chipped nail polish at all. The polish faded just a little bit towards the ends but you can’t even see it if you don’t look closely. I would have worn this polish with pleasure for another couple of days if I didn’t had to remove it today so I can review other colors from this collection.

Matte One Night Top Coat was a big help in preserving the color because I’ve notice the difference between these nails and those where I’ve applied a simple shiny top coat.

Do you like this color? How would you wear it?

I hope this review was helpful and fun to read. Let me know what is your opinion. πŸ™‚

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