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Kardashian Beauty Au Naturel In The Nude Lip Set – Review, Photos & Swatches

by Tavia

Hello sweeties!

I received the Kardashian Beauty/ Khroma Beauty Au Naturel In The Nude Lip Set about two weeks ago from Kardashian Beauty PR for testing and review purposes. After using the products a couple of times in the past few days I’m ready to tell you more about this lip set than what I revealed last week in my preview post (preliminary info & swatches).

Look great naked in three simple steps! Ideally pre?matched and formulated lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss, expose just enough and add a seemingly naked veil of flesh?toned perfection. This is Kim’s legendary Nude lip look. Khroma Beauty’s new Au Naturél is a subtle and sexy look that is a classic for day or evening and suits all skin tones. Be daring…walk about in the nude ? Go Au Naturél.



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Kardashian Beauty Au Naturel In The Nude Lip Set (€ 17.95) features one lipgloss (2.8 grams/ 0.09 fl oz) and one double ended lipstick and lip liner (0.7 grams) in nude shades. All the 3 products came packed in a transparent plastic box.

The lip gloss packaging is really nice, transparent and has a honeycomb design which is actually how the lip gloss smells like, very close to a sweet honeycomb. The tube is really long, unusually long for a lip gloss and it comes with a doe foot applicator with an extremely long wand which makes the application a little difficult and funky. I’m definitely a lip gloss girl but with this particularly product you just have to be careful on how you apply the lip gloss because the longer want doesn’t give you quite a precise application. Now moving onto the color which is called In The Buff and it’s a really pretty milk chocolate shade which may look nude on those with medium to dark skin tone but it will look like a medium chocolate shade for those with fair to light skin tone like me. In The Buff lip gloss has a light creamy texture and feels lightweight on the lips and non sticky. It provides a semi sheer color coverage with nice shine but not too glossy. It wean on me for about 2 to 3 hours without drying my lips.

The double ended In The Buff lipstick and lip liner come in a white plastic packaging which looks a bit cheap to me and I feel they could have done a better job in working a little more on how this packaging suppose to look like. The lipstick is a gorgeous light milk chocolate shade just like the lip gloss, with a super creamy texture that glides easily and beautifully on the lips. The lipstick color is a perfect nude shade very similar to what Kim Kardashian usually wears. This lipstick feels really comfortable, creamy and lightweight on the lips, without settling into lip lines or drying out your lips. All the time I was wearing it I felt my lips were moisturized and I didn’t feel them dry even after a couple of hours of wear. I had no problems with the application as the super creamy formula goes on very smooth. I know some people had problems with the smell so if you usually don’t like the smell of honey or honeycomb then you’ll probably not like this product. I had almost 4 hours wear with this color.

The Lip Liner on the other hand was a real pain to work with. The lip liner tip broke right at the beginning when I tried to lined my lips. The texture is incredibly dry, which made the application so difficult, uncomfortable to wear and the color looked dry and patchy applied. I gave it a second try and I applied a lip balm first to make the lip line smooth over better and then I lined my lips again. I had to be very careful not to break the bullet again because on how much pressure I exert when I lined my lips. The color is darker brown and I feel it would look better on medium to darker skin tones than on those with fair and white skin like  me. Because of the color and of it’s unforgiving formula I decided to skip this product and I only used the lipstick and lip gloss which I like a lot.

Enjoy more photos…







In The Buff Lip Gloss – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: Wearing In The Buff Lip Gloss


In The Buff Lip Gloss – swatch




In The Buff Lipstick – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: Wearing In The Buff lipstick


In The Buff Lipstick – swatch



In The Buff Lip Liner – lip swatch


Left: bare lips – Right: Wearing In The Buff Lip Liner & Lipstick


In The Buff Lip Liner – swatch

I hope you enjoyed this review as I would love to hear your impressions about this product. Have you tried this lip set already?

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