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Jill Stuart Vibrant Mood Summer 2014 Collection – Promo Photos!

by Tavia

Hello beauties!

I’ve already shared with you all the details and close-up photos of the upcoming Jill Stuart Vibrant Mood Collection (high-end photos) since early February but now as we are getting closer to the launch date I wanted to make a reminder article, this time showing you the beautiful promo images.


A summer vacation, spent at the perfect summer resort. The beautiful spreading blue sky, the refrain of the waves lapping at the shore, the wind gently caressing your hair, and the sweet fragrance of flowers in the air…

Sitting by the pool, you allow yourself to revel in each of the senses, giving yourself over completely to a quiet moment of repose and enjoying complete freedom, with no schedule, no destination. The luxury of being entirely released from the trappings of daily life.

The feeling of the clear crystal sea and soft beach sand. Wearing a light, flowing dress, you adorn your eyes and fingertips with glittering lines of shell blue. Tropical pink for you lips makes them cute, glossy, gorgeous. Your liberated elegance attracts the eye of all you pass, allowing you to feel like the heroine in your own spectacular movie.

A summer color collection that embodies the elation experienced during a vacation. Glittering coolly every time you catch the sun, become the brightest point this summer and depict a new and different you.


Japan Launch Date – 18 April 2014

Jill Stuart Vibrant Mood Collection Summer 2014

Jewel Crystal Eyes – Limited Edition

  • 101 Sapphire Breeze – mint green and aqua blue, refreshing and cool
  • 102 Coral Flower – creamy yellow and coral, like flowers blooming along coastline

Diamond Dew Eye Liner – Limited Edition

  • 01 Ocean Jewel – ocean crystal with a translucent sparkle
  • 02 Flower Jewel – flower pink with a sweet sparkle

Mix Blush Compact – Limited Edition

  • 101 Shelly Gem – pink & coral with the cool sweetness of charming shells
  • 102 Marina Bloom – bright pink & orange, bathed in the brilliant rays of the sun

Lip Blossom

  • 13 Native Rosella – twinkle pink, providing gentle color with a delicate sparkle (Limited Edition)
  • 11 Flamingo Plant – flamingo pink, like a brilliant shaft of sunlight
  • 12 Mandevilla Dress – light pink, like gorgeous mandevilla flowers

Jelly Lip Gloss N

  • 12 Little Fairy – gentle shell pink (Limited Edition)
  • 13 Flowery Kiss – bright pink, like a large, gorgeous flower

Jill Stuart Crystal Pink Compact Mirror – Limited edition

Enjoy more photos…







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